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Ep # Title Original airdate Prod #
1 Welcome to LazyTown August 16, 2004 101
A screencap from Welcome to LazyTown Stephanie arrives for the summer, staying with her Uncle Milford. She meets the kids of LazyTown and hears about their very own superhero, Sportacus. Meanwhile, Robbie Rotten attempts to put Sportacus out of commission in various ways, the last of which is a big hole, which Bessie falls into by mistake! It’s up to Stephanie to rally her new friends, and it’s up to Sportacus to save the day.
2 Defeeted August 16, 2004 103
A screencap from Defeeted On Spectacular Sports Day, Robbie tricks Sportacus into putting on a pair of radio-controlled boots, ruining our hero’s spectacular soccer kick and making it all but impossible for him to function as a superhero. Enter Robbie as Lazycus to become the new town hero. Can Sportacus defeat his own feet? “There’s always a way!”
3 Sports Day August 17, 2004 102
A screencap from Sports Day LazyTown Sports Day is here with the amazing super-race, which involves running, biking, skating, and skateboarding around the town. Robbie has challenged Sportacus and the kids to the competition, but cheats by slipping our hero a candy apple, which causes a complete Sugar Meltdown! Sportacus is out of the race. Can the kids compete against Robbie alone? Will they revive Sportacus in time?
4 Crystal Caper August 18, 2004 105
A screencap from Crystal Caper When Sportacus accidentally drops his crystal, a covetous Stingy picks it up and does not return it. Robbie turns in a fake crystal in order to get the reward: one free wish. And his wish? The banishment of Sportacus! Will Stingy give the crystal back in time to save the day?
5 Sleepless in LazyTown August 19, 2004 111
A screencap from Sleepless in LazyTown Pixel is staying up too late at night playing video games, and Sportacus encourages him to get to sleep on time, explaining that sleep is the source of his own energy. Robbie overhears this and hatches a plan to deprive Sportacus of sleep by creating a “noisy ball” that keeps him awake all night. When Sportacus starts losing energy, Stephanie and the kids uncover Robbie's plot and they make sure to get lots of sleep so they can beat Robbie in an all-or-nothing baseball game.
6 Swiped Sweets August 20, 2004 109
A screencap from Swiped Sweets When the panicked Mayor asks for the kids' help to bake a cake for Bessie’s birthday, things seem to go swimmingly until the cake turns up missing, and all the evidence — supplied by the detective Sherlock Foams (Robbie in disguise) — points to Sportacus! He is tried and placed in LazyJail, while Ziggy and the gang must solve the riddle of the swiped sweets.
7 Hero for a Day August 23, 2004 112
A screencap from Hero for a Day Ziggy wants to be a hero just like Sportacus, but he keeps messing things up, especially a clubhouse the other kids are trying to make. When Robbie devises a plan to saw an overhanging tree branch to smash the clubhouse, Ziggy steps in and finally manages to become a hero and save the day.
8 Sportafake August 24, 2004 108
A screencap from Sportafake Robbie disguises himself as Sportacus to make the kids do lazy, unhealthy things. Stephanie suspects something is wrong, but won’t stand up and be heard. Now there are two Sportacuses in LazyTown, and nobody knows which one is the real one! A race is called to determine the real Sportacus. When someone cries out for help, the real Sportacus goes to help, giving Robbie the win. But Stephanie finally stands up for herself and says the real Sportacus lost the race so he could help someone.
9 Happy Brush Day August 25, 2004 110
A screencap from Happy Brush Day It’s Ziggy’s birthday, and all he wants is taffy. When Sportacus’s gift, a brand new toothbrush, is discarded for a super-automated voice-activated taffy shooter (given to him by a disguised Robbie), trouble ensues. Ziggy’s mouth becomes glued shut with candy, and he can’t tell the machine to stop! LazyTown is drowning in taffy, so Ziggy must use his new toothbrush to brush his way to freedom!
10 Lazy Scouts August 26, 2004 104
A screencap from Lazy Scouts Robbie dresses up as a scout master to teach the kids how to be the laziest Lazy Scouts of all time. Stephanie feels left out because no one will listen to her objections to this form of camping. In the end, a giant windstorm hits LazyTown and it is up to Stephanie and Sportacus to save the most unprepared scouts in history.
11 Dr. Rottenstein September 27, 2004 116
A screencap from Dr. Rottenstein The kids are growing vegetable gardens, and Robbie disguises himself as the “quack” Dr. Rottenstein, sprinkling the vegetables and the kids with “spots” and declaring the town under quarantine from Spotty Vegetitus! Worse, anything healthy is banned, most especially, Sportacus. It is up to Ziggy to eat his vegetables and help Sportacus save the day!
12 Rottenbeard October 4, 2004 119
A screencap from Rottenbeard The kids are playing pirate when a “real” pirate sails into town: Rottenbeard (really Robbie Rotten in disguise). He takes the kids on a fake treasure hunt, finding his faked version of the missing piece of the LazyTown Stone. Now everyone must “be lazy”, until the kids find the real missing piece, and Sportacus must reenact the final confrontation between the original Rottenbeard and the mysterious hero who once saved all of LazyTown.
13 Cry Dinosaur October 25, 2004 115
A screencap from Cry Dinosaur Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy are having their first campout, but Ziggy is a little scared... in fact, more than a little. He’s afraid there are “dinosaurs” lurking in the darkness. When Robbie Rotten shows up in a dinosaur disguise, things really go crazy, and Ziggy must overcome his fear to rescue his friends and help Sportacus save the day.
14 My Treehouse November 11, 2004 113
A screencap from My Treehouse The residents of LazyTown take part in a treehouse-building competition, but when it comes time to submit a photo of the treehouse built by all the kids, Stingy tears the photo in half and claims to have built it by himself. When he wins, he soon realizes that victory means little when there's no one to share it.
15 The Laziest Town June 6, 2005 122
A screencap from The Laziest Town LazyTown will be named Laziest Town in the world unless they can generate enough activity to raise the Energy Meter by the end of the day. Everyone pitches in by doing normal activities, except for Bessie, who doesn’t know how to play sports. Stephanie helps Bessie to be active by giving her activities she’s good at – like running to answer phones all over town. At the last minute, LazyTown manages to avoid being named Laziest Town!
16 Dear Diary June 7, 2005 118
A screencap from Dear Diary Stephanie’s diary is where she keeps all of her thoughts and fun stories about her friends in LazyTown. But when Robbie Rotten writes some nasty notes on pink paper for Trixie and the others to find, Stephanie is suddenly faced with a group of angry friends. She doesn’t understand why they are so upset and their friendship is put to the test. However, with a little encouragement from Sportacus, Stephanie finally shows them what’s really in her diary and everyone has a change of heart — even Robbie Rotten!
17 Zap It! June 8, 2005 107
A screencap from Zap It! Pixel builds a machine that makes things vanish, thinking that he can help his friends get out of chores the easy way (by not doing them). Too bad Robbie gets a hold of the machine and uses it to make Sportacus vanish! Pixel soon realizes there is no easy way - he didn’t make the chores go away, they’re just invisible. The only way to solve a problem is to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. Can Pixel right his wrong before all of LazyTown is gone from sight?
18 Record's Day June 9, 2005 131
A screencap from Record's Day The LazyTown kids plan to set an active world's record, which jeopardizes Robbie's plan to set a record for World's Laziest Town. He tries to stop their record-setting but becomes a victim of his own scheme. The LazyTown kids plan to set an active world's record, which jeopardizes Robbie's plan to set a record for World's Laziest Town. He tries to stop their record-setting but becomes a victim of his own scheme.
19 Prince Stingy June 10, 2005 132
A screencap from Prince Stingy Robbie makes Stingy believe he’s the prince of LazyTown. Stingy loves being prince, and doesn’t notice when Robbie locks him in a castle. Meanwhile, Robbie tells LazyTowners they can't be active any more, saying that it’s an order from Prince Stingy. Stingy realizes he’s been fooled, and must be rescued by his friends.
20 PixelsPix July 11, 2005 117
A screencap from PixelsPix Pixel has built a web page with everyone in LazyTown in it (hit an icon, and a little bit of digital footage comes to life). Everyone — that is — except Robbie Rotten, who is out to “crash” Pixel’s internet. But instead, he’s accidentally sucked into the computer world and begins playing havoc with all that is digital. Pixel must zap Sportacus inside his computer, too, and an outlandish chase through the virtual world ensues, with Robbie finally being kicked off the web: garbage in, garbage out.
21 Play Day August 1, 2005 129
A screencap from Play Day The LazyTown kids are spending the day playing fun games like cowboy and jungle animals. Robbie arrives in a gorilla costume, trying to break up their fun. But he gets into serious trouble and Sportacus must arrive to save him.
22 Remote Control August 2, 2005 121
A screencap from Remote Control Pixel creates a device that will do everything for him, including tying his shoes. But when Robbie Rotten steals the remote and starts controlling Sportacus - even freezing him in mid-air, Pixel learns that the best machine is the human body - and the more you use it, the better it works!
23 Sportacus Who August 3, 2005 123
A screencap from Sportacus Who Robbie Rotten invents a memory-sucking device that makes Sportacus lose his memory. Robbie tells Sportacus that he's no hero, and that he never saves anyone. But when Robbie Rotten gets into danger, he begs Sportacus to help him. When Sportacus's crystal beeps, his memory returns and he comes back to save the day!
24 Soccer Sucker August 3, 2005 114
A screencap from Soccer Sucker Robbie climbs inside a soccer-playing robot and challenges Sportacus to a match – and if Sportacus loses, he’ll have to leave town forever. But the robot goes haywire, so Sportacus and the kids have to play it until it runs out of energy. Pixel, who almost never comes outside to play games, becomes the game's hero when he puts his video game-playing skills to use in a real soccer game.
25 Miss Roberta August 4, 2005 127
A screencap from Miss Roberta Stephanie wants to throw a thank-you party for Sportacus, but she's afraid that her friends' bad manners will ruin it. Robbie Rotten poses as Miss Roberta, an expert in manners, and teaches the kids to misbehave even more. But when Robbie accidentally falls and comes up with a bush on his head, Sportacus rescues him.
26 LazyTown's New Superhero August 15, 2005 120
A screencap from LazyTown's New Superhero (Part 1) Stephanie and the LazyTown kids decide to repay Sportacus for all of his heroics by giving him a day off - with Stephanie taking over as hero.
26 LazyTown's New Superhero August 15, 2005 124
A screencap from LazyTown's New Superhero (Part 2) Robbie Rotten takes advantage by creating a vicious robotic dog who attacks everyone. But the tables turn when the dog targets Robbie - and Sportacus and "Sportastephanie" arrive to save the day!
27 Secret Agent Zero October 21, 2005 126
A screencap from Secret Agent Zero Robbie Rotten tricks the LazyTowners into believing that he has won the town election for Mayor. Stephanie and the kids figure out that he cheated, and Mayor Meanswell becomes a secret agent. With the help of Sportacus, he finds out how Robbie cheated, and regains the office of Mayor.
28 LazyTown's Greatest Hits November 23, 2005 128
A screencap from LazyTown's Greatest Hits Stephanie and Ziggy visit all the LazyTown characters and find out what their favorite LazyTown songs are.
29 LazyTown's Surprise Santa December 9, 2005 125
A screencap from LazyTown's Surprise Santa Robbie Rotten finds out that the LazyTowners are having a Christmas party, but believes he wasn't invited. He sets out to ruin the party by shooting a snowball out of a cannon at the guests, but quickly realizes that he was, in fact, invited. Sportacus saves the day before the snowball crashes into the festivities.
30 Robbie's Greatest Misses February 7, 2006 133
A screencap from Robbie's Greatest Misses Robbie Rotten can't figure out why his plots against Sportacus have never worked – and then he devises the ultimate plan – to use all of his evil inventions against Sportacus at the same time.
31 Sports Candy Festival May 16, 2006 134
A screencap from Sports Candy Festival Robbie wants the LazyTown kids to stop eating healthy foods so he disguises himself as life-size fruits and vegetables, hoping to scare the kids into eating candy instead.
32 Dancing Duel May 17, 2006 135
A screencap from Dancing Duel There's a dance competition underway in LazyTown but Robbie believes that if Stephanie wins, LazyTown will become too active. So he creates a robot dancing girl to compete against Stephanie.
33 Ziggy's Alien May 17, 2006 130
A screencap from Ziggy's Alien Ziggy wants to play “outer space” with the other kids, but they say he’s too small. Robbie Rotten poses as an alien named Zobby and tries to make the kids do his bidding. Ziggy befriends the “alien” but the other kids believe “Zobby” should return to his own planet. They blast Zobby and Ziggy into space in a homemade rocket, which goes haywire. Sportacus arrives just in time to save the day.
34 Sportacus on the Move May 18, 2006 136
A screencap from Sportacus on the Move A day in the life of Sportacus, as he goes about his daily routine – performing incredible stunts and saving the residents of LazyTown.