Lazy Scouts

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Lazy Scouts
Lazy Scouts
Now this is what lazy scouting is all about..hahaa.
Episode no. 10
Original airdate August 26, 2004
Story by: Mike Weiss
Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Rocky Garibaldi
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Lazy Scouts"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Scotty the Scoutmaster
Guest character(s) -
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Happy Brush Day Dr. Rottenstein
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Robbie dresses up as a scout master to teach the kids how to be the laziest Lazy Scouts of all time. Stephanie feels left out because no one will listen to her objections to this form of camping. In the end, a giant windstorm hits LazyTown and it is up to Stephanie and Sportacus to save the most unprepared scouts in history.

Plot synopsis


Sunset (almost 8:08) – Sportacus’ bed time. Sportacus is in his airship doing push-ups, when he realizes that it's almost 8:08. The bed comes out of the wall and Sportacus jumps in between the duvet and the bed. He then falls asleep as the sun sets. When Sportacus’ bed deploys there is no duvet cover on it, but when Sportacus jumps into bed the duvet cover and pillow have suddenly appeared. Sportacus wears no pyjamas, only his normal outfit.

Main episode

The children have dressed up in their Scouting outfits and have packed all their gear into their backpacks to go on a hike and to camp.

Mini Save

The Mayor calls Sportacus to come and camp with Stephanie after she gives up on the other kids who are following “Scottie” the fake Scout Master.

Rotten Plan

Stephanie wakes Robbie up when she blows her trumpet to sound the call for the Scouts to form up. He vows that she will not ruin another day for him. He gets his revenge by turning all the kids against her. Robbie plans to mislead the children into laziness by changing the Scouting rules from activity to Laziness. He changes the flag, the salute, the badges, the hike and the format of the camping. Eventually Stephanie gives up on them and goes home.

Big Save

Sportacus and Stephanie have to save the children and Robbie from a Major wind storm. They all meet back together in the Mayor’s office for Cocoa.

Moral Lesson

Sportacus tells Stephanie that even though you might disagree with someone it doesn’t mean they are not your friend. Friends forgive friends.


Sportacus tells Robbie he should not go camping without the right equipment. Robbie responds with a “Pish-Posh!” The kids sneak up behind him and make the noise of wind and Robbie runs off in fright.


  • Sportacus’ clock has a big “Z” at the 8:08 point on the dial on the door of his bed (not visible in some other episodes).
  • When the bed deploys there is no duvet cover on it, but when Sportacus jumps into bed the duvet cover and pillow have suddenly appeared.
  • This was the third episode produced chronologically (not counting the lost episode #101). In all three of the first produced episodes we see Sportacus brushing his teeth.
  • We get to see Robbie in his pyjamas in this episode. It appears that he fell asleep eating polystyrene packing peanuts.
  • Stephanie calls the scouts “SportyScouts”.
  • The Mayor uses the clear mail tube again in this episode (same as in “Defeeted”). These episodes were made before “Welcome to LazyTown” in which we first see the blue and red tube and it is introduced as a way to contact the SuperHero.
  • This episode generated a fair amount of controversy online when parents saw that the grown man was going on a camping trip alone with the young girl. It should be noted that means some parents saw a child going camping with her father figure and thought that was inappropriate. How nasty of them.
  • This episode one of the only episodes to feature bad weather in LazyTown.