Zap It!

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Zap It!
Zap It!
Sportacus only becomes invisible?
Episode no. 17
Original airdate June 08, 2005
Story by: Matthew Donlan
Martin Carlton
Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Steve Feldman
Jonathan Judge
Featured song(s) "Gizmo Guy"
Robbie's Disguise(s) The Little Boy
Guest character(s) -
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Pixel builds a machine called the Zapper6000 that makes things vanish, thinking that he can help his friends get out of chores the easy way (by not doing them).Robbie gets a hold of the machine and uses it to make Sportacus vanish! Pixel soon realizes there is no easy way - he didn't make the chores go away, they’re just invisible. The only way to solve a problem is to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. Can Pixel right his wrong before all of LazyTown is gone from sight?

Plot synopsis


Sunrise, Sportacus is asleep. He wakes up and makes his bed. Sportacus equips rollerblades and a hockey stick, he then proceeds to make his bed using these. He then has a look of accomplishment. When Sportacus throws something into the air, he is fast enough to get below it or ahead of it in order to catch it again.

Main episode

The kids' rooms are really messy and need a clean-up. They have to find a way to clean it quickly and properly. Sportacus is also doing spring cleaning up in his airship. He knows how to do it properly. Pixel tries to help by making a device that makes things disappear, but in reality this is just a useless short cut and still leaves the actual work to be done. The kids soon realize their mistake and have to go back and fix things.

Mini Save

Ziggy gets stuck under a pile of sticky sweets while looking for a chocolate bar in his bedroom. Sportacus has to dive in and save him.

Rotten Plan

Robbie doesn't see the sense in a machine that gets rid of junk, but he can think of at least one thing that he would love to get rid of. Robbie plans to “borrow the zapper until he doesn't need it anymore”. He plans to use it to make Sportacus invisible. He climbs into Pixel’s house and steals the Zapper6000. Later he actually plans to destroy the Zapper after he has made Sportacus invisible.

Big Save

Sportacus has to rescue the Zapper6000 from being destroyed by Robbie Rotten and then restore all the invisible things back to visibility.

Moral Lesson

When there is work to be done, there are no shortcuts!


Robbie goes down his tube into his lair, then, the Zapper6000 previously thrown by Sportacus falls into the tube. when it falls on the ground of the lair Robbie states that he is over using the Zapper6000, then without anyone's assistance the Zapper6000 fires and turns Robbie's pants invisible, he then does the cliche crossed legs and walks out of the camera's view.


  • Stingy and Trixie only appear during the Bing Bang Song in this episode.
  • The game Pixel and Stephanie are playing involved monsters and jumping over things. There are obviously many games which involve doing such things, but the most famous is Super Marios Bros.
  • There doesn't appear to be any glass in Stephanie’s window. Either that or she ALWAYS leaves the window open. (This is confirmed in Dr. Rottenstein when Stephanie has her window closed for once.)
  • The chocolate bar that Ziggy comes up with when Sportacus saves him is the same one that Julianna Rose Mauriello poses with in a famous behind the scenes shot.
  • After the kids run out of Ziggy’s house, Sportacus notices Robbie’s periscope device and takes a closer look by peering straight into the device. It seems like Sportacus does not know what it is. But later on in LazyTown's Greatest Hits we find out that Stephanie knows what the device is for and that she can speak to Robbie through it.
  • Robbie contemplates using “Groucho Glasses” (the iconic old funny glasses and fake nose disguise), thinking it is a “great disguise”. But he decides against it because nobody would give him anything looking like that.