LazyTown's New Superhero

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LazyTown's New Superhero
LazyTown's New Superhero
A few thousand more minutes to go.
Episode no. 26
Original airdate August 15, 2005
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Jonathan Judge
Featured song(s) "Take a Vacation"
"Woof Woof Woof"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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Miss Roberta Secret Agent Zero
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Stephanie and the LazyTown kids decide to repay Sportacus for all of his heroics by giving him a day off - with Stephanie taking over as hero. Robbie Rotten takes advantage by creating a vicious robotic dog who attacks everyone. But the tables turn when the dog targets Robbie - and Sportacus and "Sportastephanie" arrive to save the day!

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  • This is a special double-length episode.
  • This episode was the highest-rated episode of LazyTown ever aired, earning over 3 million viewers upon its primetime premiere on Nick Jr.