LazyTown's Surprise Santa

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LazyTown's Surprise Santa
LazyTown's Surprise Santa
To... Ziggy.
Episode no. 29
Original airdate December 9, 2005 October 11, 2005(DVD)
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Jonathan Judge
Featured song(s) "I Love Christmas"
"Good To Be Bad"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Santa Claus
Guest character(s) -
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LazyTown's Surprise Santa is the 29th episode of the first season of LazyTown. It first aired on December 29, 2005.

There are a number of differences between the US and UK versions of this episode.
This page will mostly describe the US version.


Robbie Rotten finds out that the LazyTowners are having a Christmas party, but believes he wasn't invited. He sets out to ruin the party by shooting a snowball out of a cannon at the guests, but quickly realizes that he was, in fact, invited. Sportacus saves the day before the snowball crashes into the festivities.

Plot synopsis


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After the special festive version of "Bing Bang" has finished being performed, Robbie goes outside to complain about his present of a new pair of socks. He then torments the snowman that Stephanie and Sportacus made, before throwing its head into his snowball cannon. We then see Robbie outside the entrance to his lair taking off the Santa Claus (Disguise), revealing his normal outfit underneath. There is a quick cut back to the cannon, and then Robbie jumps down the hatch and through the pipes to his lair. He lands on his orange chair and the cannon fires the snowman's head, which lands squarely on top of Robbie's own head. He struggles a bit before sneezing and giving up, wiping the snowman's carrot as if it were his own nose. Robbie gives the final line "I have to move to some place warmer!"

The end credits roll.


  • Every language dub for this episode goes by the UK version, and the song "Good To Be Bad" was only dubbed in Latin American Spanish. There is also a Castilian Spanish version of the song that was performed live, but not on TV.