Play Day

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Play Day
Play Day
Who's gonna stop me?
Episode no. 21
Original airdate August 1, 2005
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Playtime"
"Master of Disguise"
Robbie's Disguise(s) The Rotten Kid
The gorilla suit
Guest character(s) -
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The LazyTown kids are spending the day playing fun games like cowboy and jungle animals. Robbie Rotten arrives in a gorilla costume, trying to break up their fun. But he gets into serious trouble and Sportacus must arrive to save him.

Plot synopsis


Sportacus performs the pilot training sequence which involves stepping on various foot pads on the airship to activate various controls. He pilots the ship, initiates and adjusts the air fins, lowers the ladder and viewing platform before touching the last pad via a handstand. The airship’s onboard computer voice announces he has achieved a new record of 42.8 seconds.

Main episode

Ziggy and Trixie are playing a daredevil game using a slide. Trixie attempts to slide down it in a cart, which doesn’t brake upon decent, causing her to veer uncontrollably towards a gate. Robbie Rotten, who is attempting his “after breakfast nap”, is irritated by her screaming and goes to investigate. Sportacus arrives, opens the gate and stops the cart from moving any further. The kids inform him that they were playing “daredevil” as part of their play day, and when Sportacus tells them to be careful, they tell him that they are going to play something else. Robbie overhears and declares that play day is his “least favourite day ever”, and hopes that they will play something quieter next.

As Ziggy and Trixie discuss what they should play next, Sportacus leaves. Stephanie joins the conversation, and the children eventually agree to play cowboys, which they decide should be played noisily. Robbie plots to stop them, choosing a cowboy disguise he dubs “The Rotten Kid”. As the kids begin to play, he shows up in full costume spouting Western movie clichés, often incorrectly, to the children’s confusion. He then lassos them and ties them to a post. Their cries for help summon Sportacus, who arrives armed with some ping pong paddles. At this sight, Robbie almost breaks character, but Sportacus continues the game by agreeing to a duel, complete with Western tropes such as dramatic close ups, music and a tumbleweed before one of them makes their move. This is suddenly interrupted by Robbie scratching his nose, which cuts out the soundtrack score. He insists that it wasn’t his move, and calls out to the sky to “start the music again”. This time, Robbie goes to draw his weapon, but discovers he left it back in his lair. Sportacus calls for an apple to fall from his airship, and then hits it with his paddle to knock off The Rotten Kid’s hat. When Robbie fumbles to retrieve it, Sportacus kicks a bucket in his direction and summons another apple which he uses to knock Robbie into the bucket, ending the cowboy game. Robbie storms off, with the bucket and hat still on his head, and Sportacus frees the children.

Everyone decides to change up their play day game again as Sportacus leaves, and Stingy arrives with a football/soccer ball. This inspires them to play football/soccer, although Stingy is hesitant to share his ball. Stephanie gets him to agree, on the condition they play by Stingy’s rules and change uniform. Meanwhile, Sportacus has his own play day in the airship, practising football/soccer moves. He then wonders what the kids are playing, and watches below as they sing about play (Playtime). Sportacus decides to join in, but the match is cut short when Stingy storms off after his ball gets a grass stain on it. The remaining children choose to play wild animals instead. Robbie overhears and begins to tantrum, before berating himself for acting like a baby, as he is the Master of Disguise. As the children begin their game, with Stephanie as a wild lion, Trixie as a wild tiger and Ziggy as a wild mouse, Robbie disguises himself as a gorilla to scare the children and prevent their game. He initially decides to complete the disguise with a banana, but upon remembering that he hates the fruit, discards the skin on the lair’s floor and leaves. At the game’s location, he hides behind a wall, intending to arrive by climbing up it and swinging from a vine, but realises at the last minute that he is afraid of heights. He has an external argument with himself as to whether he should proceed with the plan, eventually agreeing to do so. However, he loses control of the vine, crashing into a tree and landing on a unicycle which he struggles to ride. This successfully scares the children however, and Sportacus arrives using his long scarf (from Sportacus Who) as a vine. As he lands, he trips Robbie into a wheelbarrow, freeing him from the unicycle. When he checks to see if the wild monkey is okay, he accidentally removes the gorilla mask, revealing Robbie, who attempts to justify his actions as “only playing”. The children accept this as conformation that Robbie likes play day and go to play the Bing Bang song as he sulks.


Robbie retreats to his lair, where he believes he is safe at last. However, he slips on the banana peel from earlier, sending himself, along with his chair and lamp, crashing to the ground. Robbie declares that he “can’t take it anymore” and starts to let out a frustrated scream as it cuts to the credits.


  • Although Trixie claims she is playing a "wild tiger", the costume she wears uses cheetah print.