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I'll just erase a face!
Episode no. 20
Original airdate July 11, 2005
Story by: Cole Louie
Noah Zachary
Written by: Inger Le Gué
Directed by: Raymond Le Gué
Featured song(s) "Have You Never"
"The Mine Song"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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Prince Stingy Play Day
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PixelsPix is the 20th episode of LazyTown and premiered on July 11, 2005

It is a clip show, like Dear Diary, Sportacus on the Move and LazyTown's Greatest Hits.


Pixel has built a web page with everyone in LazyTown in it (hit an icon, and a little bit of digital footage comes to life). Everyone — that is — except Robbie Rotten, who is out to “crash” Pixel’s internet. But instead, he’s accidentally sucked into the computer world and begins playing havoc with all that is digital. Pixel must zap Sportacus inside his computer, too, and an outlandish chase through the virtual world ensues, with Robbie finally being kicked off the web: garbage in, garbage out.

Plot synopsis


Main episode


Robbie appears from a real Trash Can with a half eaten Apple saying "Who says Computer make life easier?"


  • There is a game based on this episode.
  • Despite being a clip show, there is a clip where Stingy teaches Ziggy how to brush his teeth, which was not used in any previous episode.
  • This is the second time "The Mine Song" is featured.
  • This is the only episode where Stephanie didn't appear herself. She only appears in the clips. That makes Sportacus, Robbie and Ziggy the only characters which appear in all the episodes so far. Oddly enough, they are the only characters played by Icelandic people.
  • Because they were still learning how to use the technology as they were making season one, the production team had trouble meeting their deadline and ended up short by four episodes. The clip shows Dear Diary, PixelsPix, LazyTown's Greatest Hits and Sportacus on the Move were created in order to fill the season's quota.
  • This is the first and only episode someone else (Pixel) sings Bing Bang instead of Stephanie since she is absent. However, she is technically heard singing on Pixel's computer.