Dear Diary

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Dear Diary
Dear Diary
My worst friend is Trixie?
Episode no. 16
Original airdate June 7, 2005
Story by: Hanna Maja
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Directed by: Raymond Le Gué
Featured song(s) "Energy"
"The Mine Song"
"Step by Step"
"Always A Way"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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Dear Diary is the 16th episode of LazyTown and premiered on June 7, 2005.

It is more or less a clip show, similar to PixelsPix, LazyTown's Greatest Hits and Sportacus on the Move.


Stephanie’s diary is where she keeps all of her thoughts and fun stories about her friends in LazyTown. But when Robbie Rotten writes some nasty notes on pink paper for Trixie and the others to find, Stephanie is suddenly faced with a group of angry friends. She doesn't understand why they are so upset and their friendship is put to the test. However, with a little encouragement from Sportacus, Stephanie finally shows them what’s really in her diary and everyone has a change of heart — even Robbie Rotten!

Plot synopsis


Main episode

The episode begins with Stephanie writing in her diary, when the mayor stumbles upon her and is surprised at the thoroughness of the diary. Pages from Stephanie's diary morph into clips from Soccer Sucker and "Energy".

Stephanie then leaves to play outside, and encounters Stingy and Trixie arguing over a basketball, which Stingy reasons is his, due to the fact that it is round. Stephanie then references several examples of Stingy declaring things as "his", concluding with a rendition of "The Mine Song".

Trixie asks Stephanie about the diary and whether or not Stephanie wrote about the construction of the clubhouse (as seen in Hero for a Day and My Treehouse), to which "Step by Step" is played as a response.

Stephanie leaves to get her boombox, while Robbie, who has been hiding behind a wall since the argument between Stingy and Trixie, plots to drive apart Stephanie and the other children by forging a diary entry. Robbie creates a convincing looking entry on pink paper, which lists the children in the order of how much Stephanie dislikes them. He writes "My worst friend is Trixie, my second worst friend is Pixel, my third worst friend is Ziggy, and my fourth worst friend is Stingy". When Stephanie returns, a now furious Trixie storms off, leaving Stephanie very confused. Trixie tells the other children about the page, while the mayor advises Stephanie to play with the other children. The children continue to ignore Stephanie, and she leaves, sad and confused.

This prompts Sportacus' crystal, and he arrives to investigate the problem. Stephanie explains the situation to the best of her knowledge, and Sportacus cites the example of Defeeted, when Stephanie counselled that there was "always a way". This prompts Stephanie to open her diary to the said day, and a clip of "Always a Way".

Sportacus leaves to question the other children, and discovers that they did not ask Stephanie if she wrote the diary entry. The children eventually ask Stephanie if she wrote the entry, and she reveals that she couldn't have written the entry, as her diary uses white paper, as well as the fact that she only writes nice things in her diary. Robbie quickly regroups by stealing the diary and preparing to write something mean about Sportacus. He stops when he realizes that Stephanie has written about him, and that she thinks that he's just a big "softie". Robbie decides that he can't write something mean after that.

He returns the diary, and is delighted when Stephanie immediately writes about it in her diary. The episode ends with the standard performance of "Bing Bang", and revealing that the episode has in fact been an entry in Stephanie's diary.


No epilogue.


  • Close examinations of the words written in the diary have shown that some pages have the same phrase repeated over and over, such as one page that says "Living in LazyTown is great" four times. Oddly, it appears that all of the entries are handwritten by Julianna Rose Mauriello, though it has not been confirmed.
  • Stephanie never wrote anything mean about her friends which means technically they were mad at her for nothing.
  • Because they were still learning to use the technology as they were making season one, the production team had trouble meeting their deadline and ended up short by four episodes. The clip shows Dear Diary, PixelsPix, LazyTown's Greatest Hits and Sportacus on the Move were created in order to fill the season's quota.
  • Despite being a clip show, this is the first time "The Mine Song" was ever featured in an episode.

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