Sports Day

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Sports Day
Sports Day
Episode no. 03
Original airdate August 17, 2004
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Máni Svavarsson
Written by: Rocky Garibaldi
Scott Gray
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Rufus Scott Church
Featured song(s) "Energy"
Robbie's Disguise(s) The mailbox
Guest character(s) -
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Defeeted The Great Crystal Caper
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LazyTown Sports Day is here with the amazing super-race, which involves running, biking, skating, and skateboarding around the town. Robbie has challenged Sportacus and the kids to the competition, but cheats by slipping our hero a candy apple, which causes a complete Sugar Meltdown! Sportacus is out of the race. Can the kids compete against Robbie alone? Will they revive Sportacus in time?

Plot synopsis


Sportacus shoots through his ship to brush his teeth. After tearing off the calender page he discovers today is LazyTown Sports Day. Curious what everyone is doing, he flies over to LazyTown!

Main episode

Miss Busybody is talking to two people at the same time on the phone when she encounters the Mayor cleaning up the Sports field to increase interest in Sports Day. Without much success.

Meanwhile, Stephanie found a book of the History of LazyTown in the local Library. She discovers today is LazyTown Sports Day, but the other kids think the book is old and outdated.

Pixel explains that on Sports Day, everyone participates in a spectacular race involving running, scooter riding, skating, cycling and skateboarding across the town square. The kids aren't enthusiastic, but Stephanie is really excited, suggesting Sportacus might join them and they'd be the best team.

Stephanie and Sportacus enthusiastically move to get going, but the other kids do not want to, since the sports field is a mess. But when they see the mayor has worked hard to clean it up, they agree to participate.

In his lair, the just awoken Robbie Rotten is deciding what too wear. The first suit is too girlie, the second too curly, the third too early and the fourth too fancy, which he notes doesn't rhyme. He finally decides on his regular outfit which he always wears as perfect.

Once he is dressed he hears an alarm and checks the city out with his periscope, seeing Miss Busybody having a beauty treatment, much to his horror. However, the alarm turns out to have sounded for the kids doing sports on the sports field. Robbie has a plan though, wanting to buy the sport field so the kids won't be able to play there.

Moments later, Robbie arrives at the sports field with a bulldozer, having the mayor sign at the X, something he does without thinking. As it turns out, the paper is a contract, selling the sports field to Robbie, who plans to build a pillow stuffing factory there.

Stingy and the others protest, although Stingy's statement of owning the land was not exactly what the others had in mind. Apparently this happened before as the mayor smacks his head in his hand.

Sportacus protests as well stating they need the field for Sports Day. Robbie proposes that they compete against him, if he wins, Sportacus leaves town forever and he keeps the land, but if he loses he leaves the field in peace. Confidently, Sportacus agrees, telling the kids they are sure to win.

Everyone shoots off to do their job. Everyone except Ziggy. Luckily, Sportacus has a job that's right up his alley: SportsCandy Supervisor. Everyone trains, except for Robbie who just stays lazily on his plushy couch and prepares some tricks and traps for the race.

Once they are done training, they are really tired. Sportacus points out they need energy, but the candy he brought was not what Sportacus meant. Sportacus explains that fruit is Sports Candy and it contains the energy they need. To explain it better to the kids, Sportacus and the kids sing "Energy".

Robbie appears worried about Sportacus' new plan and declares its Disguise Time and dresses up as a mailbox. Before his hidden eyes, Sportacus explains that when he eats sugar, he has a Sugar Meltdown, which drains all of his energy away.

Ziggy as Sports Candy Supervisor moves off to get apples while the others continue to practice. As he is gathering fruit, Robbie produces his Candy Faker Maker 3000 which he uses to disguise a pile of candy into a delicious looking apple. Using a fishing rod, he flies the apple to Ziggy.

Just as he takes it, the race is about to begin. Sportacus and Robbie take their places. And they're off, with Sportacus quickly overtaking Robbie! As he passes by Ziggy, Sportacus catches the apple from him and eats from it, only to have an immediate Sugar Meltdown. Much to Ziggy's shock, the apple is a sugar apple!

The kids quickly discovers that something is really wrong. While the others continues the race, Pixel examines Sportacus. Although Trixie makes a good attempt, Robbie tosses marbles on the road to slow her down.

Ziggy finally is able to tell them what happened as Stingy grabs the baton from Trixie and quickly continues the race. Then, Pixel discovers the Candy Faker Maker 3000, clearing Ziggy's name when they find the name Robbie Rotten on the device. And Robbie continues to lead the race.

Luckily, Stephanie comes up with a plan! If they can find a real apple for Sportacus, that should help him get his energy back. Ziggy quickly runs off to the apple he saw up in the tree earlier and with his attempt, he manages to jump high enough and grab the apple, quickly taking it to Sportacus!

With the apple, Sportacus gets his energy back and gets back in the race! Stingy at first doesn't want to give up the baton, but finally accepts that Sportacus is on his team. And with the help of the kids, he manages to get by Robbie, despite the rocket engine on Robbie's skateboard, which sends him flying into the apple tree! They won!

The mayor gladly hands out the trophy to the kids and Sportacus gets to stay! Happy with their victory, the kids sing "Bing Bang".


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  • This episode introduces the concepts of SportsCandy along with the first mention, and showing, of Sportacus' Sugar Meltdowns.
  • This episode is a reworking of some basic plotpoints from the first play "Áfram Latibær"
  • The sky is different in this episode compared to any other episode.
  • Sportacus' paper calender stays up to date. The first page reads "Yester Day" while the second one reads "Sports Day". Quite remarkable, since presumably, the previous day wasn't considered "Yester Day" at the time.
  • Sports Day is Sportacus' favorite day of the year.
    • It also used to be Robbie's favorite day before Sportacus came to town.
  • One of the reasons Robbie's outfit appears too tight is that it is apparently a lot smaller when he's not wearing it, making it super stretchy.
  • Robbie Rotten had 400 lazy ideas this week.