Sportacus on the Move

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Sportacus on the Move!
Sportacus on the Move!
One arm push-ups.
Episode no. 34
Original airdate May 18, 2006
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Twenty Times Time"
"No One's Lazy in LazyTown"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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Ziggy's Alien Rockin' Robbie
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A day in the life of Sportacus, as he goes about his daily routine – performing incredible stunts and saving the residents of LazyTown.

Episode Structure

Plot synopsis


Sportacus is on his way to LazyTown as Stephanie is about to post a letter to him. He asks her what she is doing, and she tells him that she was just sending him a letter, and pulls the lever. Sportacus says he'd better go and get it, and races up to his airship on his Skychaser. He manages to get back into the airship and catch the letter as it flies up there. He reads it out loud to himself: "Dear Sportacus, I knew you would beat my letter to the airship", to which he laughs and replies, "I guess I did".

Main episode


Robbie, wrapped up in bandages, declares he will stop the "costumed Sporta-loony and [the] pink cheerleader", but he is not in a position to do anything about it for now.


  • Because they were still learning to use the technology as they were making season one, the production team had trouble meeting their deadline and ended up short by four episodes. The clip shows Dear Diary, PixelsPix, LazyTown's Greatest Hits and Sportacus on the Move were created in order to fill the season's quota.
    • Despite being a clip show, instead of have a situation when a character suddenly summons a clip, this episode is structured using as a base the different Sportacus Prologues from different episodes but trying make the scenes appear as part of a whole single episode. For example, they go from the Prologue of Sportacus Who? to the Prologue of Sleepless in LazyTown like they were two sequential scenes. This episode also has a first person narrator which is Sportacus, introducing the theme of the episode.
  • This is the only clip episode which does not feature "The Mine Song".
  • It is also the only episode not to feature "Bing Bang" at the end, however it still features the instrumental version as the credits are rolling.
  • This episode focuses on Sportacus in his airship instead of the kids.
  • A drawing of Sportacus' "Áfram Latibær" design is shown on one of the children's letters during the beginning of the episode.