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No, I'm Sportacus.
Episode no. 08
Original airdate August 24, 2004
Story by: Ole Olson Steen
Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Raymond Le Gué
Featured song(s) "No One's Lazy in LazyTown"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Sportacus
Guest character(s) -
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Robbie disguises himself as Sportacus to make the kids do lazy, unhealthy things. Stephanie suspects something is wrong, but won’t stand up and be heard. Now there are two Sportacuses in LazyTown, and nobody knows which one is the real one! A race is called to determine the real Sportacus. When someone cries out for help, the real Sportacus goes to help, giving Robbie the win. But Stephanie finally stands up for herself and says the real Sportacus lost the race so he could help someone.

Plot synopsis


Daytime, Sportacus is flying the airship and making flight adjustments. Sportacus always seems to be able to get ahead of whatever he throws. He can move really fast. He throws the ring frisbee and it saves Bessie. When she goes flying through the air, he is right there to catch her.

Main episode

The Mayor is helping Bessie fix some things around her house. The kids are lazing around on sun chairs like Bessie. The day is really hot and Sunny. Pixel is using his arm computer to play Beach Music. Stephanie shows up and wants to play catch, but the other kids just want her to relax and do nothing. Sportacus shows up and joins the kids in doing nothing (or at least he pretends so). He jumps up and invites the kids to play catch. They all jump up and start playing very noisily.

Mini Save

Sportacus has to save the Mayor from a bee when he gets stuck in a tree after Stingy stole the ladder. He catches him when he falls out of the tree. Later he has to save Ziggy when he eats all the Bubble Gum and gets stuck. Then for a third mini-save he has to help the Mayor again. That must be the record for mini-saves in an episode.

Rotten Plan

Robbie is mad that nobody wants to stay inside and be lazy on such a beautiful day. He gets even more upset when Sportacus shows up and starts playing catch with all the kids. Robbie thinks that the kids listen to Sportacus because of his moustache and outfit, so he plans to dress up just like Sportacus and get them to listen to him rather.

Big Save

Sportacus has to save Bessie when Stingy accidentally bumps her with the ladder while she is standing on the little red wagon. She goes flying off down the road and Sportacus executes some super moves to bring her to a stop.


Robbie returns to his underground lair and collapses into his chair and falls straight to sleep complete with snoring.

Moral Lesson

Sometimes you have to speak up, even if no one wants to hear it. Otherwise you won’t be true to yourself!


  • LazyTown's residents are apparently unable to distinguish between the real and fake Sportacus, despite some seemingly obvious physical differences:
    • Robbie has "0" on his back instead of "10".
    • The band holding Robbie's goggles on is a darker blue than that of his hat; Sportacus' is lighter.
    • Sportacus wears his hat with the black and white stripe over one eye; Robbie's hat is off to one side.
    • Robbie's 'Sportafake' is nearly 20 cm taller than the real Sportacus.
    • While Sportacus' ears are mostly hidden under his hat, Robbie's stick out from underneath his.
  • While naming different objects through town his own, Stingy refers to a ladder as "his father's". This is the first and only time anything is ever stated about the puppets having parents.
  • Sportacus is busy flying the airship. He uses various levers and wheels to make adjustments to his flight. In one shot we see him adjusting the fore and aft setting of the wing stabilisers. But then a moment later he uses another wheel to extend the wing stabilisers which were already extended in the previous shot.
  • Pixel uses his computer again to determine that [the fake] Sportacus is joking when tells them to eat Bubble Gum. Robbie replies “Bingo Bongo, you are Wrongo!”; A prase later popularised by the cartoon Steven Universe.
  • The interesting thing about the song for this episode is that it is sung from two different locations. Sportacus in the airship and Stephanie on the ground.
  • When Stephanie is back in the Mayor’s House, in his kitchen she asks if she can speak with him. As she does this she glances down again (Is she looking at the puppeteers?). She did this in a previous episode as well.
  • The scene where Sportacus and Robbie Rotten (dressed as the fake Sportacus) square off is a play on the famous Scene from the movie Spartacus with Kirk Douglas where he is being sought by the Romans and many of the other slaves stand up and claim “I’m Spartacus!”
  • Bessie goes to give Milford a kiss, but is interrupted when Stephanie starts the Bing Bang Song (this scene is omitted from some broadcasts of the episode).