Remote Control

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Remote Control
Remote Control
The ball goes up, the ball goes down.
Episode no. 22
Original airdate August 2, 2005
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Raymond Le Gué
Featured song(s) "Gizmo Guy"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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Pixel creates a device that will do everything for him, including tying his shoes. But when Robbie Rotten steals the remote and starts controlling Sportacus - even freezing him in mid-air, Pixel learns that the best machine is the human body - and the more you use it, the better it works!

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  • Stingy is briefly seen in a cameo when Stephanie's singing Bing Bang, though he does not appear in the rest of the episode.
  • When Robbie Rotten freezes Stephanie and Ziggy and turning off their voices, the shot is mirrored as you can see the Z on Ziggy's shirt is backwards.