Sleepless in LazyTown

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Sleepless in LazyTown
Sleepless in LazyTown
Episode no. 05
Original airdate August 19, 2004
Story by: Adam Peltzman
Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Steve Feldman
Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Wake Up"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Softball uniform
Guest character(s) -
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The Great Crystal Caper Swiped Sweets
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Pixel is staying up too late at night playing video games, and Sportacus encourages him to get to sleep on time, explaining that sleep is the source of his own energy. Robbie overhears this and hatches a plan to deprive Sportacus of sleep by creating a “noisy ball” that keeps him awake all night. When Sportacus starts losing energy, Stephanie and the kids uncover Robbie's plot and they make sure to get lots of sleep so they can beat Robbie in an all-or-nothing baseball game.

Plot synopsis


Sportacus is exercising, then he realises it's 8:08PM, which is his bedtime. He actvates the bed and gets in it to sleep.

Main episode

Late at night, Pixel is up playing video games, while the other kids are getting their sleep. When morning dawns, Pixel is still playing video games, and he remembers that he's supposed to meet his friends for baseball. Robbie, who couldn't fall asleep, finds a spot on the bench and sleeps there, but a fly is buzzing around him and he catches it in the rubbish bin. Sportacus, Stephanie and Ziggy are setting up the baseball game and they practise a shot. Ziggy misses the ball, which wakes Robbie up. Pixel finally arrives, and due to lack of sleep, he falls down while trying to catch the ball. Sportacus tells them about sleeping, which is his secret energy source.

Meanwhile, in Robbie's lair, he builds a “noisy ball” out of noisy things, and Pixel brings his Remote Controlley 6000, a machine that controls the body of a person, to a baseball game. When Pixel sleeps again, Robbie introduces himself as the new pitcher, and gives Sportacus the “noisy ball”. While all the other kids except Pixel get their sleep, Sportacus is kept awake by the ball, as he tries to search for it.

The next day, Sportacus is unusually late to baseball, so Stephanie sends him a letter, and he arrives tired. Stehanie and Ziggy try to wake him up with several things, such as a bass drum, alarm clock and saxophone, but none work. They then hatch a plan to get the Remote Controlley 6000 to help him move. Ziggy controls it, then Pixel does it, nearly crashimg Sportacus into a tree. On the night, Pixel finally gets his sleep to help Sportacus.

Back in the airship, Sportacus discovers that the “noisy ball” kept him awake. The next day, Pixel wakes up and tells the others to do so with the song “Wake Up”. Sportacus arrives and shows the ball to Pixel, revealing to him that Robbie was trying to keep him awake. Sportacus then goes to sleep on the bench when Robbie arrives and plays baseball. Robbie misses every shot, so he puts Sportacus on the pitchers place. Two strikes are done without Sportacus responding, then on the third strike, Sportacus wakes up and hits the ball all the way imto Robbie's lair. They then congratulate their victory with a lesson learned: “Sleeping is everything.”


Robbie is trying to get some sleep, but the “noisy ball” wakes him up.



  • A timeline hole exists between this episode and Defeeted: In this episode Sportacus doesn't know how to play softball and Stephanie is teaching that to him, but in Defeeted the Mayor references the last year's Sportacular Sports Day when Sportacus did a baseball trick.
    • It is possible that Sportacus did a trick with a baseball, without actually playing the game itself, just as kicking the football as he did in Defeeted requires no knowledge of the soccer rules.
    • It is also possible that Sportacus knew how to play all along and is merely humoring Stephanie in this episode by letting her explain the game to him.