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Pixel logo.png
Icelandic Name: Goggi Mega
Actor/Puppeter: Ronald Binion (main)
Julie Westwood (occasional)
Voice: Kobie Powell (season 1 and 2)
Ronald Binion (Extra, season 3 and 4)
Rúnar Freyr Gíslason (Icelandic)

Pixel is a technological whiz kid. Whilst he is pretty good with computers and other technological stuff, he has trouble interacting with other people and coping with problems. He has tendency to invent gadgets that make his life easier, like speeding up his homework, tying his shoelaces, or even playing sports for him.


"Engaged, earnest, and focused, Pixel navigates video games and electronic technology with masterful skill. But all of the hours he's spent logged on have left him ill-prepared for the illogical and uncontrollable forces at play when he hangs with real people. The remote control he carries in his holster can't mute arguments, or change the programming of friends, so he must either retreat to his consistent world of bits and bytes or struggle through the messy moments of friendship.

Sometimes the only way he can communicate with other kids is through his love of technology, rambling on with dazzling data when a simple "yes" or "no" would do. His ability and instinct to solve problems using technology are valuable when the others need to figure something out, but Pixel nearly short-circuits when faced with a simple question like: "What’s your favorite color?" Or how he feels about Stephanie. He has such a crush; he almost can't talk around her. Talk about computer malfunction!" — LazyTown.com


Pixel is the resident computer genius in town. He can do a lot of different things with his computer, and all this stuff is pretty well appreciated by the people of Lazy Town. For example, throughout the series, he runs a TV Station, invents spy gadgets and helps gather various information with his computer. He really takes pride in his inventions and becomes quite upset if something happens to one of them.

While he can easily understand the logical ways of computing and calculation, Pixel has trouble interacting with people, and understanding the illogical ways of the humans. He loves his friends and his friendship, but he has serious troubles understanding them. He's absent for a good part of Season 1 (While since Season 2 he appears more). Whilst no explanation is given about this fact, it is assumed that he prefers to spend his time working on his computer than playing outside with his friends.

Pixel's room is the usual meeting place after the playground, it's seem because he has video games. He has a good relationship with all his friends, but sometimes Ziggy and Stingy can challenge his capacity of understand people. Pixel has little patience, getting fed up quickly when someone it's doing something stupid or annoying. Stephanie is always trying to drag him outside to play, but Pixel usually prefers to stay inside.

Pixel has a crush on Stephanie, but it's only clearly seen in the first episode Welcome to LazyTown. When something happens and it's Pixel's fault, Stephanie is quite hard with him, to which he never answers more than a "mm" or "yes". While his abilities with computers are valuable for all LazyTowners, his ignorance about relationships usually ends up giving him a hard time.


Pixel has alot of gadgets, some of which he invented himself, and he can build different kinds of stuff. Some of his inventions have unexpected side-effects, but normally they do their original functions. Sometimes quite well.

  • Wireless Game Controller: Pixel is often seen using it when playing video games.
  • All Purpose Digipad: Pixel can use this to look up information on anything.
  • Remote Controly 6000: A machine that consists of a large frame on wheels with many ropes and pulleys that can control the movements and actions of a person like they were a marionette puppet, even whilst they are asleep.
  • Food Analyzer: Pixel used it to analyse Bessie's birthday cake.
  • Automatic Toothbrush: Pixel uses it to clean his teeth.
  • The Zapper 6000: A device designed to make things disappear, but really only makes them invisible.
  • PixelsPix.com: A website featuring videos and fun stuff about the LazyTown citizens.
  • 3D Scanner: An oddly vacuum-like scanner with the ability to physically transfer real 3D objects (and people) into a computer.
  • Remote Control: A remote which can control everything, even the movement of people.
  • Mini Hovercraft: A Flying Camera
  • StoryMatic 3000: A device that can display books as movies. When used with the 3D Scanner, this can insert real people into the story it is displaying.
  • VidDiary 6000: A portable device that can displays videos of the coolest moments of Stephanie at LazyTown. It was created as a goodbye present.
  • Televiewer 3000: Pixel uploaded everyone of Sportacus's SuperMoves on it and gave it to Ziggy for his birthday.
  • Invisinator 3000: A helmet that allows it's wearer to turn invisible.
  • Project X: A secret project. A giant rocket which Pixel and the others used to go to the moon.


Design wise, Pixel has undergone the most changes of any LazyTown character. In the first play, Áfram Latibær, he was a bald white kid who wore pajamas and square visors. In the second play, Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, he obtained a shock of green hair and wore a silver shirt with blue pants. On the current show, Pixel has dark skin, brown eyes, and orange french fry-like hair. He wears a white t-shirt with orange sleeves and his name printed on the front, a light blue shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans with dark red cuffs, and large black and white sneakers with red stripes down the sides. He also sports a headset with silver antennae, a translucent visor, and a belt that contains many gadgets and gizmos.

Whilst the change of hair color could strictly have been a re-design decision, the use of green screen chromakey technology on the TV show would have also made it a necessity.

Character Development

Pixel's character has also evolved over time. In the first play he had a very short attention span and spent his time watching television and playing on games consoles. In the second play it is stated that he is an inventor, computer programmer and can do more than 3 things at once.

In the plays, Pixel's visors were portable televisions screens/computer monitors that he could use to chat, navigate the internet, and watch the news and several other television programs at once. In the television series it is never really explained why he has visors, or if they work the same way. It is also never explicitly stated if he does several things at once, but his bedroom does have a wall full of computer monitors that are constantly running various programs.

Pixel has, however, consistently had trouble going to sleep early and interacting with people.


  • Pixel's original concept name was PC Hyperbyte.
  • His name it's taken from the name of a point in a digital image: A Pixel.
  • It seems that Pixel has a minor case of Asperger's Syndrome, which is quite common in computer geeks.
  • Pixel's computer runs Linux Operative System, specifically Debian distribution.
  • The PixelsPix.com domain used to redirect to the LazyTown Official Site.
  • The thing on Pixel’s left hand forefinger is used to operate his mobile database. He also uses this database in Happy Brush Day and in Sportafake (to play Music).
  • Similar to Robbie Rotten, his inventions usually end in "3000" or "6000".
  • According to LazyTown's Greatest Hits, his favorite song is No One's Lazy in LazyTown.
  • According to the original LazyTown website and Ronald Binion's website, Pixel is 9 years old.
  • Pixel's full name is Pixel Hyperbyte.