Season 2

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Ep # Title Original airdate Prod #
1 Rockin' Robbie September 25, 2006 201
A screencap from Rockin' Robbie Robbie Rotten pretends to be the Mayor’s favorite rock and roll singer, Johnny B. Badd, so he can demand that Sportacus leave town. The Mayor decides to give "Johnny" a trophy after the concert. Robbie must find a way to steal the trophy.
2 Little Sportacus September 26, 2006 203
A screencap from Little Sportacus When Robbie Rotten realizes that Sportacus started learning all of his hero skills when he was a boy, Robbie turns Sportacus into a 10-year-old. When Stephanie discovers who the boy really is, she and the kids join Little Sportacus on a mission to Robbie’s lair, so he can be changed back to his larger self.
3 Trash Trouble September 27, 2006 204
A screencap from Trash Trouble Stingy is tired of the mess in LazyTown. He tries to get them to clean up all of the garbage. But the kids aren't interested, and their mess continues to grow. Robbie Rotten overhears this and realizes that if he makes a huge mess in LazyTown, the kids won't be able to play any more. He then creates a trash shooter that loads up the town with garbage. But Robbie's plan ends up backfiring when his trash shooter gets stuck and buries LazyTown.
4 Double Trouble September 28, 2006 205
A screencap from Double Trouble Mayor Meanswell goes away for the day to catch butterflies so Robbie Rotten decides to impersonate him so he can start changing LazyTown’s rules -- no more sports candy and Sportacus must leave town forever! When Sportacus finds the real Mayor in trouble, they team up to save LazyTown from Robbie's rotten rampage.
5 Haunted Castle October 24, 2006 202
A screencap from Haunted Castle The Mayor warns the kids to stay away from an old, unsafe castle but Trixie ignores the warning and convinces the kids to join her inside. Meanwhile, Robbie poses as a ghost to scare the kids into not playing any more. The kids get trapped in the falling castle and Sportacus arrives to save the day. Trixie admits what she did and the kids learn a valuable lesson in following the rules.
6 The LazyTown Snow Monster December 15, 2006 206
A screencap from The LazyTown Snow Monster The Mayor has informed the kids that they can play outside, but they must read and pay attention to the signs - such as the one telling them to be cautious on the frozen lake. Robbie disguises himself as a snow monster in order to frighten the kids and stop them from playing outside in the snow. The kids, however, have some tricks up their sleeves, and in the end Robbie has to flee. In his rush, he ignores the signs near the frozen lake and falls into the icy water. It then becomes up to Sportacus to rescue Robbie from the lake.
7 The LazyTown Circus February 12, 2007 (UK) 207
A screencap from The LazyTown Circus The kids decide to create a circus in LazyTown. Robbie Rotten quickly formulates a scheme to blast Sportacus out of a cannon, and out of LazyTown.
8 School Scam February 13, 2007 (UK) 208
A screencap from School Scam It's time for school. As Stephanie and the others go to class, Robbie Rotten comes up with a plan to prevent the kids from learning: Disguising himself as a teacher, and not teaching them lessons. During science class he makes a major mistake, and almost blows up the school. Sportacus arrives to save the day.
9 Pixel TV February 15, 2007 (UK) 209
A screencap from Pixel TV Pixel creates LazyTown TV, a channel devoted to the goings on of LazyTown. Robbie Rotten decides he doesn't like this idea, and as such, attempts to stop it by using various disguises.
10 Friends Forever February 16, 2007 (UK) 210
A screencap from Friends Forever A competition is created in LazyTown where whoever wins gets a ticket to Sportacus' airship, but Robbie steals the ticket and attempts to let the air out of the ship.
11 Energy Book May 6, 2007 (UK) 211
A screencap from Energy Book Sportacus gives each of the children an energy book and some stickers to help them keep track of their daily habits, including exercising, brushing their teeth, and so on while Robbie attempts to distract them from using the stickers by appealing to each of their own character traits.
12 Birthday Surprise May 12, 2007 (UK) 212
A screencap from Birthday Surprise The town's residents have a disagreement on where Sportacus's birthday celebration should be held while Robbie Rotten uses this to his advantage and builds a giant wall separating the town.
13 LazyTown Goes Digital May 20, 2007 (UK) 213
A screencap from LazyTown Goes Digital Mayor Meanswell plans to modernise the town. Robbie Rotten uses this perfect opportunity to disguise himself as a technician to keep the kids busy (and lazy) with the new technology.
14 The Lazy Genie June 21, 2007 (UK) 214
A screencap from The Lazy Genie When Robbie Rotten hears form Stingy that wishes come true, he orders a magical genie who grants him three wishes. Soon all the fruits and vegetables disappear, and Stingy believes to be responsible.
15 Once Upon a Time August 5, 2007 (AU) 215
A screencap from Once Upon a Time The LazyTown kids have an idea to play as the three little pigs, but Pixel has made a machine where people can be scanned into the storybook. Robbie scans himself and disguises as a Wolf to change the story. Sportacus is scanned into the book to save the day.
16 The Lazy Rockets August 12, 2007 (AU) 216
A screencap from The Lazy Rockets The Mayor runs a billycart race. Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy build race cars, but Robbie cheats by getting himself a rocket powered car.
17 Dancing Dreams October 1, 2007 (CA) 217
A screencap from Dancing Dreams Stephanie and Ziggy decide to open a dance school in LazyTown. When Robbie learns of this, he disguises himself as the head of famous dance school and invites Stephanie to join him far, far, away. Stephanie leaves in a plane piloted by the Mayor. Back in LazyTown, Robbie traps Sportacus in a trunk tied to helium balloons and sends it floating away. Robbie however gets stuck on the trunk too. It’s up to Stephanie and her uncle to save Sportacus and Robbie in a daring aerial rescue.
18 Sportacus Saves the Toys October 15, 2007 (CA) 218
A screencap from Sportacus Saves the Toys Robbie invents a machine that pulls toys away from kids. He sends two of the devices to Paris and China, so that Sportacus will have to leave LazyTown to help the kids in those countries. Meanwhile, Robbie takes away all of the toys in LazyTown. Sportacus returns and says he’s sorry he was too late to help, but Ziggy points out what Sportacus had taught him earlier – you don’t need toys to play! Robbie’s plans are foiled once again!