List of Minor Characters

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In some episodes a Minor Character or a Guest Character appears as part of the plot. This is a list of those characters in LazyTown.

The LazyTown Kitten


The kitten doesn't appear to belong to anyone and Sportacus has to save it when it periodically gets stuck in a tree. This is mostly a parody or reference to old cartoons, when, usually, the hero had to help an old lady whose kitten is stuck in a tree. Appearances include Dr. Rottenstein, Crystal Caper and Robbie's Greatest Misses.



Rottenella (credited as Dancing Doll) was the ballerina figure from a music box brought to life by Robbie Rotten to try and beat Stephanie in a dance contest in Dancing Duel. Played by Kristjana Sæunn Ólafsdóttir.

Little Sportacus

Little sportacus.png

Little Sportacus was Sportacus de-aged to approximately ten years old in Little Sportacus. He retained his memories and personality and was able to do everything he could normally do acrobatically. This was done to place emphasis upon the importance of physical activity as a young child, and to suggest that Sportacus had trained himself to a high gymnastic level in his youth. Little Sportacus' clothes are very similar to those worn by the character Maggi Mjói (Jives Junkfood) in Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ. Maggi/Jives wore: yellow Converse sneakers (as opposed to the orange Converse sneakers worn by little Sportacus); green baggy trousers (as opposed to dark-blue baggy jeans); a yellow hooded, short-sleeve shirt (as opposed to an ocean/light-blue shirt with an orange hood and white long sleeves) and a green beanie hat (as opposed to a blue beanie hat). Played by David Kristjan Olafsson and voiced by Thordis Elva Thorvaldsdottir.

Baby Bird

The Baby Bird is Robbie's bird littlized when Robbie tested out his Littlizer 3000. Appeared in Little Sportacus. Voiced by Emily Decola.


Lazy genie.png

The Genie is a genie bought by Robbie so he can magic away all of the Sports Equipment, SportsCandy and even Sportacus. Appears in The Lazy Genie. Played by Örn Árnason.

French Painter and International Children

The French Painter (played by Friðjon Olafsson) and International Children (played by Brynjolfur Haukur Ingolfsson, Kristján Thorlacius Finnsson, Xiao Li and Yanan Li) appeared when Sportacus went to save their toys.



Roboticus is a robot Robbie ordered so he can replace Sportacus as the town hero. Appears in Roboticus. Played by Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon.

Chef Pablo Fantastico


Chef Pablo Fantastico is a famous Mediterranean chef who came to LazyTown to cook for Mayor Meanswell and Bessie Busybody. Appears in Chef Rottenfood. Played by Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.

Santa Claus


Santa Claus came to LazyTown and was accidentally sent down from Robbie's turkey. Santa then attended the Christmas Party with the LazyTowners and gave everyone their gifts. Appears The Holiday Spirit. Played by Ólafur S.K. Þonvaldz.

Johnny SportsCandyseed


Johnny SportsCandyseed first came to LazyTown on April 3, 1840 and planted the first SportsCandy tree. Robbie invented a time machine and took Johnny to the present and all of the SportsCandy trees disappeared. Sportacus and the kids help him to go back to his own time to plant the tree. Appears in The Last SportsCandy. Played by Jóhann G. Jóhannsson.

Johnny B. Badd

Johnny B. Badd is a rock 'n roll icon that Milford, Bessie and Sportacus remember from their youth, and the singer of Rock Your Socks Off. Appears in person in The Last SportsCandy when Robbie accidentally travels to the year 1956. Played by Örn Árnason.



Pinocchio is a character in a book which Robbie brought to life and used him to lie to the kids about how lollipops make you stronger. After Robbie was unmasked and Pinocchio apologized, he returned to his home in the book. Appears in New Kid In Town. Played by Sigurður Þór Óskarsson.

Bobby Bird

Bobby Bird is a famous basketball star who was mentioned in Ziggy's Talking Teddy. He doesn't appear in person.



Teddicus is Ziggy's little teddy bear which wears clothes similar to those of Sportacus. He played a great role in Ziggy's Talking Teddy, and was also seen in The Baby Troll. Voiced by Ólafur S.K. Þonvaldz.

Baby Troll


The Baby Troll, also known as Lulu, was a troll who followed the kids back to LazyTown after they went to Troll Mountain to look for trolls. Appears in The Baby Troll. Played by Hilmar Guðjónsson. Voiced by Ilmur Kristjánsdóttlr.

Bobby, Tobby and Flobby


Bobby, Tobby and Flobby Rotten are three Robbie Rotten lookalikes. They entertain at birthday parties, weddings, conferences, mall openings, among other things. They were phone-ordered by Robbie to help him catch Sportacus. After doing so, they find it boring to guard the caged Sportacus in Robbie's lair, so Sportacus shows them the joys of sports and they no longer want to be villains. They appear in Robbie's Dream Team. Bobby, Tobby and Flobby are played by Bjðrn Thors, Snorrl Engilbersson and Bergur Þór Ingólfsson respectively.


The Mummy was seen at the end of The Mystery Of The Pyramid. Played by Snorri Engilbertsson.