Bessie Busybody

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Bessie Busybody
Bessie Busybody
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Icelandic Name: Stína Símalína
Actor/Puppeter: Julie Westwood

Bessie Busybody is a minor character in LazyTown.


"Bessie's name says it all. She needs to know everyone's business and will go to great lengths to get it. She's usually thwarted by rotten timing or bad luck, but it never discourages her. For instance, she might be eavesdropping on gossip and just as she's about to garner a critical piece of information a loud horn might blare, foiling her.

She is motivated by a desire to be respected. She would love to be the queen of LazyTown, if there were such a thing. She's a know-it-all and a wannabe, always on top of the latest fashion or trend to the point of pretension and superficiality. She tries to be a mother figure to the kids, but often it just comes off as patronizing and condescending. Her intentions are sound; she just doesn't possess the skills to be a good parent or role model. She is oblivious to the Mayor's longing for her, but always entertains his advances. After all, he is her Mayor. " —


Bessie has pale skin, blue eyes, and bright blue hair. She normally wears red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and has a beauty mark on her cheek. Her regular outfit is a red business suit, a shirt with a floral design, a blue belt, blue high-heeled shoes, and a pearl necklace. Beginning in season 2 she sometimes wore a pink suit.


  • Bessie used to smoke in the plays but this was probably removed due to the demographic being shifted to younger audiences.
  • According to LazyTown's Greatest Hits, her favorite song is Man on a Mission.
  • She is always caught up in her own things and never notices Mayor Meanswell's obvious crush on her.
  • Bessie's Icelandic name, Stína Símalína; translates to "Stína Phoneline".
  • When the original pilot episode was produced, Bessie was written as Sportacus's mother. Although this plot point was changed for the show, it was still included in her original character description from 2003.