LazyTown's Greatest Hits

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LazyTown's Greatest Hits
LazyTown's Greatest Hits
Oohhh, pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!
Episode no. 28
Original airdate November 23, 2005
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Teamwork"
"Cooking by the Book"
"No One's Lazy in LazyTown"
"Spooky Song"
"The Mine Song"
"Twenty Times Time"
"Man on a Mission"
"You are a Pirate"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) -
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LazyTown's Greatest Hits is the 28th episode of season one and premiered on November 23, 2005.

It is a clip show like Dear Diary, PixelsPix and Sportacus on the Move.


Stephanie and Ziggy visit all the LazyTown characters and find out what their favorite LazyTown songs are.

Plot synopsis


It begins with Sportacus in his airship as usual. He calls for an apple but to his surprise there are no more left! He then jumps out of the airship landing on the skychaser and flies down to LazyTown grabbing an apple off a tree. He returns to his airship and takes a bite saying "SportsCandy, huh."

Main episode

The episode begins with the mayor searching for Stephanie, who is in her room, writing in her diary. Stephanie hears the mayor approaching and hides. The mayor, of course, can't see her, and she succeeds in surprising him, prompting the mayor to call her a "silly goose". Stephanie reveals that she is writing about the songs that have been sung previously, and the mayor tells her his favorite song ("What was that one where you sang about working together as a team?") leading into "Teamwork".

The mayor suggests that Stephanie ask everybody about their own favorite songs, to which she agrees enthusiastically. She first encounters Ziggy, who is trying to eat the giant fake ice cream cone at the ice cream stand. He reveals his favorite song to be "the one about the cake", by which he means "Cooking by the Book".

Stephanie and Ziggy decide to split up to ask other people about their favorite songs. Stephanie finds out what Pixel's favorite song is. ("That's easy! I even have it on my computer.") He brings up the video for "No One's Lazy in LazyTown" on his computer. Meanwhile, Ziggy finds Trixie, and after sneezing away her house of cards, he asks her opinion. Perhaps out of spite, Trixie builds up suspense in an attempt to scare Ziggy, which, of course, is successful. ("It's a song that'll creep right up to you and go BOO!") As Ziggy runs away, "Spooky Song" is played.

Stephanie and Ziggy meet up again, and Stephanie leaves to find out about Sportacus' favorite song, while Ziggy is tasked with asking Stingy. Sportacus makes Stephanie answer a difficult riddle ("It's about doing something twenty times to the left, and twenty times to the right") in order to find out that his favorite song is "Twenty Times Time", while Ziggy and Stingy have a very confusing conversation as a result of the confusing name of Stingy's favorite, "The Mine Song" ("Ahhh! My favorite song is called the 'It's Mine Song'!").

Stephanie, who is being watched by Robbie, realizes that she forgot about Bessie, making Robbie furious at being left out. Stephanie finds Bessie talking on the phone and asks what her favorite song is. She is told that it is "the one I sang about your handsome uncle", "Man on a Mission".

Stephanie is on her way back to meet up with Ziggy, when she suddenly notices Robbie's periscope. The conversation that follows has been scientifically proven to be the second cutest moment in LazyTown, trailing only the most famous line of Lazy Scouts. Robbie finally caves and reveals his that "there was one song... a pirate song", referring to "You are a Pirate".

Stephanie returns home, and the mayor asks how everything went. Stephanie says that everything went great, and that there's one song that everybody likes: "Bing Bang"!


Robbie is in his lair, mimicking Bing Bang. He then says that anybody can do "the jump" and tries to do a jump, which results in his pain.


  • Because they were still learning to use the technology as they were making season one, the production team had trouble meeting their deadline and ended up short by four episodes. The clip shows Dear Diary, PixelsPix, LazyTown's Greatest Hits and Sportacus on the Move were created in order to fill the season's quota.
  • "The Mine Song" has only ever been featured in clip shows such as this one.
  • Robbie Rotten doesn't use a disguise or make a plan in this episode.
  • Stephanie's favorite song is never directly revealed, but "Bing Bang" is played right after she finds out everyone's favorite songs, implying that it might be her favorite song.
  • Before the first broadcast of this episode, there was a voting game on the Nick Jr website called "You Pick The Hits" where the viewers could vote for their favorite LazyTown song out of a small selection (Step By Step, Good Stuff, and Have You Ever). When the episode first aired, Stephanie addressed the audience and played the winning song based off the voting results.
    • The winning song was "Have You Ever".

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