Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ

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The cast of Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ

Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ is the 2nd Icelandic Play pre-tv Series. It was premiered 1999, and it's the first time Glanni Glæpur (Robbie Rotten) appears as character.



The National Theatre 1999


  • Stefán Karl Stefánsson - Glanni (Robbie) - A criminal mastermind who uses disguises to fool the people of Latibær into making him rich. But first he needs to break down their active lifestyle.
  • Magnús Scheving - Íþróttaálfurinn (Sportacus) - After having changed Latabær’s lifestyle, Íþróttaálfurinn leaves on an airship to help other towns in need. But after Glanni arrives, Latibær need his help more than ever.
  • Linda Ásgeirsdóttir - Solla (Stephanie) - A girl with aspirations of being a ballerina. With Íþróttaálfurinn’s help, she can now stretch and is an active dancer, although she still struggles with her shoelaces and is a little clumsy.
  • Vigdís Gunnarsdóttir - Halla (Trixie) - A bossy girl who enjoys playing pranks and using her catapult. Although the other citizens tire of her antics, her behaviour is an act of attention seeking as she has no friends.
  • Rúnar Freyr Gíslason - Goggi (Pixel) - A whiz kid who is obsessed with computers and video games. He is less socially active than his peers and often rattles out information about his favourite hobbies at an alarming rate, none of which are outdoors games.
  • Kjartan Guðjonsson - Nenni (Stingy) - A greedy boy who likes to claim everything for himself and thinks having lots of money is important, which is why he wants to chooses to work for Rikki Rikki over doing his homework.
  • Gunnar Hansson - Maggi (Jives) - A cool kid who often talks in slang. While he used to be lethargic and malnutrition, he took Íþróttaálfurinn’s advice to heart and is passionate about maintaining Latibær’s vegetable garden.
  • Steinn Ármann Magnússon - Siggi (Ziggy) - A chubby boy who is obsessed with candy and being a hero like Superman. He is often naïve and gullible and is quick to fall for Glanni’s tricks. He is very conscious about being tickled.
  • Lilja Guðrún Þorvaldsdóttir - Stína (Bessie) - The town gossip. Stína is seen with different fashions in every scene and is frequently on the phone. She is quick to fall for Glanni’s schemes under the belief he is a rich man.
  • Magnús Ólafsson - Bæjarstjórinn (Mayor) - The slightly inept mayor of Latibær who struggles to keep the town together after Glanni arrives. He has a crush on Stína and delivers her a basket of fresh fruit every morning.
  • Sigurður Sigurjónsson - Lolli Lögga (Officer Obtuse) - A bumbling policeman who is a bit of a pushover. He is quick to follow the orders of others, even when they are not correct.
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson - Póstur (Mailman/Postman) - A minor character who shows up late in the play. He is delivering newspapers which happen to contain the truth about Rikki Rikki.
  • Gúðmundur Þór Kárasson (voice/puppetry) - Haninn (the Rooster) - A lazy rooster who has lived in Latibær for a long time and watches over the daily events of the town.


In this play, Sportacus has managed to change the villagers´ negative attitude towards sports, healthy food and all diligence. But when he leaves and the villagers have to manage on their own, they turn out to be very unstable and easily influenced by the criminal Robbie Rotten, who turns up disguised as a very rich man. In fact, he has stolen the president's car and intends to corrupt the villagers so that he can sell them un-wholesome powder-food and become mayor of the town.

Plot Synopsis

No One is Lazy in LazyTown

The play opens with Haninn the Rooster complaining about Latibær’s recent change in lifestyle due Íþróttaálfurinn (Sportacus), which now consists of getting up early, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, group exercise routines and helping each other out. Bæjarstórinn (Mayor Meanswell) reads out a newspaper that states that the criminal Glanni Glæpur (Robbie Rotten) is free from prison, but is interrupted by Siggi (Ziggy), who reminds everyone that they are supposed to be doing stretches after exercising. As they begin, Íþróttaálfurinn enters on his airship and leads an exercise and dance routine (Enginn latur í Latabæ). His magic hat then tells him that another town is in need of his help, and he announces that he is leaving Latibær. The children start to panic about how they will continue without his help, but Íþróttaálfurinn reassures them that if they continue to follow his teachings, they will be alright on their own. The townspeople then help him lower the airship, and as he leaves, he promises he will return to see the sports festival.

Enter Glanni Glæpur

At night, Glanni Glæpur enters Latibær introducing himself as a renounced evil villain and his alter ego, the charming and rich Rikki Rikki, a disguise to gain the public’s trust (Versti fantur). The next day, Glanni, as Rikki, causes a commotion in the town square by parking illegally with an expensive car. Lolli (Officer Obtuse) attempts to penalise him, but Glanni claims that he is rich and powerful man who is close friends with the President, and gets Lolli to polish the car instead. The townspeople become very interested, especially Stína (Bessie Busybody), who wants to know how rich he is. Glanni, not wanting his lie to falter, rushes off for a nap, demanding an expensive hotel room. As he leaves, he insults Stína’s hairstyle, and Halla (Trixie) hits her with a catapult, causing her to cry hysterically as the mayor comforts her. Haninn is entertained by the commotion and decides not to move out of Latibær, only to be hit on the head with a flowerpot by Glanni.
The next day, the children begin a daily exercise routine, but Halla takes over and bosses them around with impossible tasks which cause them all to storm out. Glanni enters and reveals his plan to trick the townsfolk into buying his canned food. Maggi and Siggi then tend to the vegetable garden and Maggi raps about how his lifestyle has changed since he started eating vegetables (Aldrei gleyma því). Glanni interrupts, repulsed by the healthy food, and tempts Siggi into eating candy, claiming the sugar will give him more bursts of energy. Siggi quickly abandons Íþróttaálfurinn’s teachings and chases Glanni to get the rest of his candy, much to Maggi’s frustration.
Solla (Stephanie) then leads the children in a dance to celebrate her improved flexibility (Bing bang dingalingaling). She is very proud that she can now tie her shoelaces, but Glanni tells her that loose shoelaces are in fashion. She tells him about Íþróttaálfurinn’s stunts, but Glanni shows her how being flexible can be dangerous and lead to injury, and insists that being lazy is more fashionable than being a ballet dancer. Nenni (Stingy) then enters running away from Halla, and accidentally bumps into Glanni, who berates him for running. Nenni claims he was running home to finish his homework, believing educational is valuable as it can’t be taken away. Glanni shows him his money, claiming that the only way to become successful is not by studying but by being selfish, having fun and only thinking about the present. He then leaves to introduce everyone to “his friend”. As Siggi wonders if candy is healthier than fruit and vegetables, Goggi (Pixel) starts climbing a utility pole and playing with the electricity. While the other children are alarmed, he sings about his love for computers, and everyone starts dancing along (Megabæt). Everyone gathers around to look at his portable computer, but Halla mashes the buttons on it, causing it to crash.
Glanni returns, this time disguised as a salesman for canned food. He pitches it as and cheaper and easier to prepare than other products on sale and goes to offer a free sample. Discovering that the contents are actually foul, he stuffs vegetables from the garden into the sample can. He then leaves and returns as Rikki Rikki, endorsing the product as a quick solution. Although the children approve of the sample, they insist that they should stick to produce from their vegetable garden, according to Íþróttaálfurinn. At the mention of Íþróttaálfurinn, Glanni snaps, and then covers his outburst up by claiming working with soil is bad for their nails. After tricking Siggi into eating candy again, he leaves. Maggi forces Siggi to spit out the candy, and the children agree that they will continue to use the garden. Glanni realises that in order to get his scheme to work, he needs to get the fresh vegetables out of town.

An Act of Vandalism

At night, a gang of thugs enter through a manhole and introduce themselves (Glaumbæjargengið). Glanni enters in a cat suit, revealing himself as the one who summoned them. He assigns them the task of stealing all the fresh vegetables in town and throwing them in the trash. The next day, the mayor goes to prepare Stína her fruit and vegetable basket, only to find that they are all missing. Stína accuses Halla, but with lack of proof, orders for a town meeting. At the meeting, everyone starts to panic, and Lolli proudly announces that he has discovered he has no idea who committed the crime. Stína accuses Halla again, and Glanni, as Rikki Rikki enters to back up this claim. The townsfolk panic about what to do without vegetables, but Glanni tells them to help each other out and buy the cans (Lífið er svo létt). The adults wonder what should be done about Halla. The mayor suggests that they find proof, but Glanni interrupts and instructs Lolli to put her in the town jail, just to be safe.

The children wonder if Halla really did steal the vegetables, and Nenni points out that she has only ever done things which are bad for others. Maggi then tries to leave to start a new garden. Siggi points out that everyone just agreed to only get produce from Rikki Rikki, which starts an argument. Siggi, Nenni and Goggi support Rikki Rikki, as using his foods means they have more free time to have fun, while Maggi and Solla stick up for Íþróttaálfurinn. Siggi then goes to help his friend Maggi, noting that he has become a lot stronger since he improved his diet, but cringes when Maggi offers him porridge.

Halla starts to sing to herself in jail, stating that she doesn’t care what others think about her while struggling to hold back tears (Alveg ein). Meanwhile, Íþróttaálfurinn detects trouble at sets course for Latibær. He tries to start a group exercise, but discovers the children have grown weak again due to eating the canned fruit and vegetables. They tell him about the vandalised gardens, and he suggests that they start a new one, telling them that if they never give up and work together, they can achieve anything. He throws down seeds from his airship and a new garden is quickly built.

Trouble in Lazytown

Glanni is frustrated that Íþróttaálfurinn has ruined his plans, and uses a spray to poison the plants, as well as the on looking Haninn. The next day, the mayor puts together a new gift basket for Stína, believing the spotted appearance of the produce to be latest fashion. Solla enters skipping, and accidentally steps in the flowerbed. Stína emerges feeling sick, and medics arrive to carry off the poisoned citizens. Lolli enters, suspecting a crime afoot, and blames Halla. When the mayor points out that she couldn’t have done it due to being in jail, Lolli looks for clues instead, and locates the poison sprayer and a mysterious footprint in the garden. As everyone in town is a suspect, he makes everyone take it in turns to stand in the footprint. Solla is initially ecstatic when her foot fits, only to be arrested and put in jail with Halla. The next night, Glanni eliminates any other competition to his products by stealing the stock of the shops.

The mayor, exhausted from the chaos, falls asleep on guard duty. Halla is surprised that Solla is a criminal, but Solla states she was falsely convicted and blames Halla. Halla becomes emotional, claiming she is blamed for everything, and Solla tries to comfort her, believing her story. Halla wants to find out the true culprit under Íþróttaálfurinn’s idea that they shouldn’t give up and Solla becomes friends with her. Delighted at the thought of having her first ever friend, she uses her catapult to knock down the keys and break her out of jail. The girls escape, and sing about their new found friendship (Ég á góðan vin).

The next day, Glanni plants an idea in Stína’s mind. When the mayor calls for a town meeting regarding the shoplifting, Stína calls him out for having failed to deal with the increasing problems in town, and suggests Rikki Rikki would do a better job. The townsfolk agree as vote Rikki as their new mayor, who starts introducing laws that make the grocery and VHS rental stores open 24 hours, ban toothbrushes and encourage the citizens to only do what they think is fun. The townsfolk cheer and chant for Rikki. The now former mayor becomes distressed that that no-one is treating the town with respect and asks for Íþróttaálfurinn’s help, before leaving town (Hvar ertu nú).

Glanni sets up a factory in the gym that produces “Smart Snack”, his latest invention, and makes the remaining children work there. He gives Nenni the most important job of doing guard duty at the door and only letting people with a secret password inside the factory, claiming he will get more pay than the others for this role. Nenni is very pleased, and sings a song to remember the password and gloat about his job, claiming that everything in the factory is his (Lykilorðið). Glanni then tries to re-enter the factory, only to have forgotten the password he just made up. When Nenni starts to be picky about letting him in, he threatens to break down the door, forcing Nenni to let him in regardless.

Sportacus to the Rescue

Solla and Halla go to investigate the noises coming from the gym, but are caught by Glanni, resulting in a chase scene. Eventually, Glanni corners them off, and forces them to hide under the manhole cover. Unbeknownst to him, Stína witnesses this event. Elsewhere, the former mayor continues to call out for Íþróttaálfurinn, who hears his call and suggests that they meet up in the town square for a discussion. Afraid to be caught in Latibær after being voted out, the mayor agrees to show up in disguise (a fancy dress outfit from a costume contest). The next day, it is revealed that Stína is working as secretary for Rikki Rikki, who is now actually rich from his scheme. The postman arrives and gives Glanni a newspaper that reveals Rikki’s true identity and that the expensive car was stolen from the President. Panicking, Glanni tells the postman that he will personally finish his delivery round and give him the day off. He then throws the newspapers in the trash and gloats about being the richest criminal.

Íþróttaálfurinn arrives, and initially fails the recognise the mayor, who is dressed as a bunny. Wanting to investigate the trouble in town, he gets the mayor to guard his airship, which then lifts off with him inside it, much to the mayor’s horror, as he is afraid of heights. Íþróttaálfurinn meets Stína, who shows him Smart Snacks, which actually just boxes of powder. When Íþróttaálfurinn suggests they team up to save the town, Stína admits that she thought Rikki Rikki was being cruel when he trapped the Solla and Halla in the sewers. Íþróttaálfurinn rescues them, and the girls announce that they suspect Rikki is a criminal. Lolli enters and is confused that they no longer in jail and begins a chase. Solla and Halla collide with the bin, revealing the newspapers. When he sees that Rikki is Glanni Glæpur, he agrees to help Íþróttaálfurinn. They then hear the boys cry out for help from the gym, as they have been locked in as prisoners. Íþróttaálfurinn goes to break down the door, but Lolli insists that he should do it. However, he is not strong enough. Íþróttaálfurinn helps him perform some push ups, giving him the energy to break the door and tear through the factory.

Íþróttaálfurinn co-ordinates a plan to capture Glanni, and the townsfolk successfully remove his disguise. Glanni attempts to run away, but Íþróttaálfurinn persistently gives chase, causing him to panic and break down. He is then knocked down by a heavy sack, which is revealed to be the mayor’s failed attempt at lowering the airship. The town then help him down and Stína comforts him. The postman announces that the president is going to show up to the sports festival, allowing them to return the stolen car. As it is now dirty and un-presentable, the townsfolk force Glanni into cleaning it, and he reluctantly agrees. Before he does so, he attempts to trick Siggi into eating candy one last time. Siggi takes it, and then throws it away. Everyone, including an irritated Glanni, breaks into a closing song, stating that all is right in Latibær once more (Allt í lagi í Latabæ).