Guðmundur Þór Kárason

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Guðmundur Þór Kárason (born 14 June 1974) is an Icelandic puppet designer and puppeteer, known for playing Ziggy on LazyTown.

Born in Reykjavík, Iceland, Guðmundur is the son of director Kari H. Thorson and visual artist Jenny E. Guðmundsdóttir. In 1994 he founded Wit Puppets in Iceland, working on commercials, theater, and television programs. Guðmundur's involvement in Wit Puppets ranges from character development, construction and performing some of the puppets himself.

In 1998, Guðmundur joined LTS Garðbær Studios, performing and consulting on the show as well as designing visuals for the company. In 2010, he was a photographer for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011 he was the director and producer for the postcards and made the graphics for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

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