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Icelandic Name: Siggi Sæti
Actor/Puppeter: Guðmundur Þór Kárason
Voice: -

Ziggy is the youngest kid in town, as well as being the most energetic. He has problems with eating too much candy and not eating the right food, but he's always full with energy, mainly brought on by a sugar rush, and desires to be like Sportacus.


"Ziggy has a big heart – and an appetite to match. He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto. His goofy enthusiasm and good cheer provide a constant boost to everyone around him. He’s always one of the first to embrace a new idea or to say 'yes' to an adventure, but he’s just as easily distracted, especially by - mmmm - 'Choco-Sugar-Yummies'.

When Ziggy grows up, he wants to be a superhero, just like his idol, Sportacus. And he’s planning on practicing his running and jumping - really, he is - but maybe first he’ll have just one more bite of candy..." — LazyTown.com


Ziggy is the youngest person in LazyTown and has a bit of an obsession for candy, carrying around a giant lollipop with him almost everywhere and even having one next to his pillow when he sleeps at night. His consumption of large amounts of candy can cause him to become quite hyper and which starts to annoy others around him while on his sugar high, but he has a big heart. Since he has a lot of energy, he's always trying his best, even if he actually can do something or not. While he does have good intentions, a little mistake makes him feel depressed, but he always makes a quick comeback, thanks to encouragement from Sportacus. He has a lot of insecurities, because he doesn't know actually what he's good at, but at the same time, he desires to become good in everything, and that is the thing the people of LazyTown, and especially Sportacus, like about him best.


Ziggy has pale skin, blond hair, and small blue eyes. He wears a red cape with yellow trim and blue and white stripes on the inner layer and has a bold yellow Z stitched to his blue t-shirt. He also wears a white shirt under his tee, red shorts, white leggings, and a pair of blue sneakers with Z's on the front.

Character Development


Much of Ziggy's development, appearance wise, was making his character more distinct from Superman, who he was initially based on. In Áfram Latibær, the resemblance is the closest, down to having Superman's distinct haircut, black with a curl on the forehead, and an S (for Siggi) in the diamond on his shirt. Unlike Superman, he has blue trainers with yellow, rolled up socks, reflecting his childish personality. His shirt is also several sizes too small for him, and he has a prominent gut showing.
In Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, he receives an updated appearance. He now has blonde parted hair, similar to his final design. The diamond on his shirt has been replaced with an empty yellow triangle, likely to avoid copyright infringement with DC. He still has a visible gut, and the original Ziggy puppet and promotional art surrounding the play depicting him as exaggeratedly overweight.