The Birthday Fairy

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The Birthday Fairy
The Birthday Fairy
Girlier than Stephanie, but not half as pretty.
Featured in: Happy Brush Day

The Birthday Fairy is the disguise of Robbie Rotten's from the episode Happy Brush Day.

With it, Robbie plans to gatecrash Ziggy's birthday party and ruin it as revenge for not being invited.

Selection process

In the Happy Brush Day episode, as with most episodes, Robbie goes through the normal selection process - starting at the right-hand side of the screen and moving left past the disguise machine's chambers.

After proclaiming it to be "disguise time", Robbie suddenly pops up in front of the machine's first chamber, noting that "that was fast!"
As a result, when he turns around, the first chamber (containing Robbie's normal outfit) takes him by surprise.

Chamber Description Robbie's comment
# 1 Robbie's normal outfit "~mimes heart beating~"
# 2 The bunny suit "Too bunny."
# 3 The aristocratic dress "Too funny."
# 4 Dr. Rottenstein "Money!"
# 5 The Birthday Fairy "Oh, this is perfect!"

Outfit Parts

Robbie wore: A blue-and-white Santa hat, a white long-sleeved shirt, a purple dress, a purple sleeve for left arm, flower bracelets (one for each hand), purple gloves, and a stick with a birthday present on top of the stick. Shown in the picture on the right side of your screen, he is holding it in his left hand.


  • The Birthday Fairy can also be seen in one of the disguise machine's chambers in the episode Sleepless in LazyTown.