Miss Roberta (character)

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Miss Roberta
Miss Roberta
Miss Roberta wrote the book on manners.
Featured in: Miss Roberta

Miss Roberta is the eponymous disguise of Robbie Rotten's featured in the episode Miss Roberta.

Posing as an expert on manners, Robbie uses this character to convince the kids to ruin Stephanie's party.

Selection process

In the Miss Roberta episode, as with most episodes, Robbie goes through the normal selection process - starting at the right-hand side of the screen and moving left past the disguise machine's chambers.

Every chamber in this episode, however, contains a dress.

Chamber Description Robbie's comment
# 1 A tight, short, red dress "Too wild."
# 2 A plain, long, pale dress "Too mild."
# 3 The nightgown and headdress "Woah!"
# 4 An elaborate white party dress "Too... styled."
# 5 Miss Roberta "Ah! Perfect!"

Outfit Parts

Robbie wore: An old woman's wig, and a blue checkered dress (similar to the checkers on The Rotten Kid).