Scotty the Scoutmaster

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Scotty the Scoutmaster
Scotty the Scoutmaster
Robbie in his "very real-looking scout uniform".
Featured in: Lazy Scouts

Scotty the Scoutmaster is the name given to Robbie Rotten's disguise from the episode Lazy Scouts.

With this character, Robbie distracts the kids from their plans to play scouting and convinces them to follow his lead and become "Lazy Scouts".

Selection process

There is no costume selection process in the Lazy Scouts episode.

However, Robbie's normal outfit can briefly be seen in the furthest left chamber of the disguise machine.
The other chambers are obscured by another of Robbie's machines when they are not off-screen.


  • Scotty the Scoutmaster is later seen in one of the disguise machine's chambers in the episode Dr. Rottenstein.

Outfit Parts

Robbie wore: a brown brimmed hat, a blond mustache, a purple necktie with white stripes, a periwinkle-colored button up shirt, khaki long shorts, purple socks, and brown shoes.