Rottenbeard (character)

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Rottenbeard at the LazyTown stone
Featured in: Rottenbeard

Rottenbeard is the eponymous disguise of Robbie Rotten's from the episode Rottenbeard.

This character is adopted when Robbie learns of the legend that the missing piece of the LazyTown Stone was buried in a pirate's treasure chest.

Selection process

There is no selection process in the Rottenbeard episode.

However, the Rottenbeard costume can be seen in the disguise machine's furthest left chamber on the screen.
Other disguises seen in the machine's chambers are (right to left):-

Outfit Parts

Robbie wore: A pirate hat with skull and crossbones, an eyepatch, a mustache and beard (connected), a white shirt, a navy blue pirate's jacket, and pirate pants.