Sports Candy

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Sports Candy is the term that Sportacus and the children in LazyTown use to describe fruits and vegetables. Encouraging children to eat Sports Candy is one of the most important concepts of LazyTown's message, in addition to moving. Generally, Sports Candy gives the eater incredible strength immediately upon consumption. It appears that Sports Candy is the only thing that Sportacus eats. Inversely, Robbie almost never eats Sports Candy (the lone exception is during Energy Book), and usually most of his plots involve getting rid of Sports Candy at some point. Robbie hates Sports Candy to the point where he gets ill from being in its presence. It is believed that Sportacus does not have a favorite type of Sports Candy, as he "likes them all", as revealed during the episode Sports Candy Festival. However, he does seem to consume apples more than anything else.

International Versions

Sports Candy is referred to in different ways depending on the country. Some are:

  • Íþróttanammi used by the Icelandic version
  • Dulces Sanos (Healthy Candies in Spanish) used by the Latino-American version
  • Sports Chuches used by the Castilian version
  • Power Snacks used by the German version

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