Robbie's lair

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Robbie's lair
Robbie's Lair.png

The inside of Robbie's lair.

The outside of the lair.

Robbie's lair is where Robbie Rotten lives, just outside of LazyTown. It is hidden behind a billboard and houses some ingenious contraptions most of which aid Robbie in being lazy, stopping Sportacus, or both. The main features of the house are the Periscope,the Disguise Machine, and his Orange Chair.


Robbie has various machines in his lair, most of which are only used once in the entire series. These inventions, which can also be found on Robbie Rotten's page, are as follows:

  • Inventor Microwave: The magic microwave which Robbie uses to make inventions. He usually combines things with a certain characteristic into one thing. For example, in the Season 1 episode Sleepless in LazyTown, Robbie wanted to make something loud that would keep Sportacus awake all night, so he put several things considered loud into the Inventor Microwave and made the Lazy Ball, a purple baseball with yellow stitching that makes annoying sounds to keep Sportacus from sleeping.
  • Candy Faker Maker 3000: A device that makes fruit that looks real, but is actually filled with sugar.
  • Memory Zapper 3000: A device that erases Sportacus' memory, making him forget he was a hero.
  • Soccerbot: A Robot that Robbie wanted to use to beat Sportacus in a soccer game.
  • Rottenella: A robotic doll from a music box, enlarged to compete against Stephanie in a dance contest.
  • Littlizer 3000: A device that turned Sportacus 10 years old.
  • Trash Blaster: A garbage truck with a cannon that blasted trash all over LazyTown.