The Great Crystal Caper

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Crystal Caper
Crystal Caper
Episode no. 04
Original airdate August 18, 2004
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Máni Svavarsson
Written by: Noah Zachary
Michael Rabb
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Steve Feldman
Featured song(s) "Anything Can Happen"
Robbie's Disguise(s) -
Guest character(s) The LazyTown kitten
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When Sportacus accidentally drops his crystal, a covetous Stingy picks it up and does not return it. Robbie turns in a fake crystal in order to get the reward: one free wish. And his wish? The banishment of Sportacus! Will Stingy give the crystal back in time to save the day?

Plot synopsis


Sportacus gets out his water bottle, spins it around and drinks from it.

Main episode

After Sportacus saves The LazyTown kitten, Ziggy, watching him, tells the other kids about what happened. Sportacus creeps up on him and Ziggy tells him he was pretending to be him. Ziggy eventually shows him but falls over. Stephanie asks him that is it true that every time someones in trouble he can see them in his crystal. Sportacus gives it to Stephanie to show it to the other kids. Stingy really wants to keep it, but Sportacus says he needs it. Stingy gets really mad and just goes home in his yellow toy car to look at all the things that just belong to him. He comes up to a hole which causes Sportacus's crystal to activate. He saves Stingy by covering up the hole, leaving his crystal by the hole. Ziggy declares that was super brave. Stingy thanks Sportacus again, holding the crystal behind his back so Sportacus doesn't know it's lost.

Down to Robbie Rotten's lair, Robbie Rotten receives a letter from the library. It says Dear, Mister Rotten, You have an overdue book from the library and we would like it back. As of today your fine amounts to 4600 dollars and 3 cents. Please pay this...... He then reads his book, which is actually called 'Rotten Behavior for Dummies'.

Sportacus notices his crystal has gone missing and notifies it to Mayor Meanswell. Bessie Busybody has everyone in LazyTown searching for the crystal right away. Pixel makes some posters and Bessie Busybody accidentally lets Robbie Rotten know about the missing crystal. He sees Pixel putting up a poster and realizes that who ever finds the crystal will have a wish granted. Robbie Rotten decides to earn the reward by making a fake crystal. After notifying it to Stephanie and giving it back to Sportacus. Stephanie sings Anything Can Happen to show how things have changed. Stephanie and Sportacus decide to have a celebration, so Mayor Meanswell puts up the stage.

Robbie Rotten gets mad that everyone is making him wait hours for his reward. He eventually falls into a hole, then Stingy, with the crystal on his hood as his hood ornament, comes right at him but stops right behind. Robbie Rotten asks him if he could borrow the crystal, Stingy doesn't do so, so Robbie Rotten tells him that he has something he doesn't have, so Stingy suggests they have a deal at the tree house.

Robbie Rotten goes into the tree house and offers him a mountain of comic books, coins and a coffee cup with a map of Texas on it, but Stingy doesn't want to trade it, so Robbie Rotten leaves, leaving Stingy trapped inside the tree house, causing Sportacus's crystal to activate. Stephanie hears Stingy calling for help and Sportacus sees that his crystal isn't working. He puts up the ladder and rescues Stingy

Stingy admits what he did and apologizes. And since he returned the real crystal, he gets to make a wish. He wishes I wish that I'll never take anything that doesn't belong to me, then Bing Bang is sung, and Trixie smooches Stingy at the end.


Robbie lands back in his lair and causes the mountain of comic books, coins, and the coffee cup to land on him.



  • Robbie tries to bribe Stingy with "coins from all over the world, including Iceland", and his bag of coins features the design of a circle containing the letters KR. This is a reference to the fact that LazyTown originated from, and is filmed in Iceland, where the currency is the króna.
  • Trixie kisses Stingy's neck after the Bing Bang dance.
  • Robbie originally took a sip from the Texas coffee cup and commented that its contents tasted "like oil". This was apparently a simple comment on the fact that oil is a major staple of the economy in Texas. However, before the episode aired, LazyTown Entertainment was contacted by a member of the US government who had seen an advance copy and seemed to be under the impression that the line was a political comment on their president, George W. Bush. As such, the joke was cut from the final aired episode.
  • The Mayor offers “One Wish” as a reward for finding the crystal. But how does he know he will be able to fulfill that wish?
  • When Bessie calls Ziggy to report the crystal missing, Ziggy appears to be reading a comic featuring Latibaer characters.
  • The scene with Trixie on Ziggy’s shoulders is used again in “Welcome to LazyTown” (which was the episode produced right after this one). Only the voice over is different (and the end result).