LazyTown (place)

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LazyTown is the titular town in which the entire series takes place. It is run by Mayor Meanswell, the town's mayor, but Robbie Rotten and Sportacus are also major influences on the town.

Town layout

LazyTown: The happiest place on Earth.™ (Season 1)
A (partially obscured) view of the town from Season 2.
A (partially obscured) view of the town from LazyTown Extra.
An aerial view of the town from Seasons 3 and 4.
Note from the GetLazy Forums: LOCATION #6 IS ACTUALLY A BANK AND NOT STINGY'S HOUSE. Location #11 includes the shops, which are a bakery, a fast-food joint, a toy store, an ice cream shop, a shop with a soda bottle sign, a building with a planet on top of it (which might actually be a diner), and a small building having no signs and might be a house. Location #12 is presumably a gym. Location #13 is a supermarket. Location #14 is a pink house, which might be Stephanie's clubhouse. Finally, Location #15 is Stingy's house. Originally posted by Moomoo and LazyPooky.
A street view showing (from left to right) Pixel's house, the Town Hall, the pink house, the Mayor's house, the bank, the school, the gym, and the theater.
A street view showing (from left to right) Ziggy's house, Pixel's house, and Bessie's house.
A street view showing (from left to right) the pink house and the Mayor's house.

Season 1

Season 2

A couple of the buildings were changed or moved.

  • 1. Town Hall
  • 2. The Mayor's House
  • 3. The Bank
  • 4. The School House
  • 5. Jives' House
  • 6. The Sports Hall
  • 7. The Theater
  • 8. Stingy's House
  • 9. The Grocers'
  • 10. Ziggy's House
  • 11. Pixel's House
  • 12. Bessie's House
  • 13. The Shops
  • 14. Robbie's Lair

In particular, the Sports Hall was moved to make room for the Theater and the central buildings were all spaced out slightly more, with the surrounding buildings and areas made slightly smaller to accommodate. As well as this, all minor residential areas have more anonymous houses. Despite all this, the Opening credits still used the Season 1 design.

LazyTown Extra

The town remains unchanged.

Season 3

No buildings have changed since Season 2. New additions include Lazy Grove to the east and the Beach to the west.

Season 4

The town was unchanged from Season 3.



Despite the redesigned look of the town is Season 2, several shots of Sportacus travelling to town in later seasons used the Season 1 design.