I Love Christmas

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"I Love Christmas"
"I Love Christmas"
Vocals: Stephanie and Trixie
Backing: -
Music: Máni Svavarsson
Lyrics: Mark Valenti

"I Love Christmas", also written as "I Love X-mas", is the first song featured in the episode LazyTown's Surprise Santa. It is a duet between Stephanie and Trixie.

It is a variation on the Icelandic song "Jólin, jólin" from the 2001 album Jól í Latabæ.

"I Love Christmas" has been released on the Nick Holiday CD in the USA and 2 CDs in the UK - the "Bing Bang (Time To Dance)" single, and the 41-track special edition of LazyTown - The Album, as a bonus track.

The version included on LazyTown - The Album is the same as that originally featured in the Surprise Santa episode. However, the version included on the "Bing Bang (Time To Dance)" single is twice the length, featuring an extended intro, a new whistled section, and a repeat of the chorus with extra backing vocals.


Ribbons, bows and presents everywhere
Tiny snowflakes falling through the air
Candles, trees and blinking colored lights
And all the snowball fights.

Turkey, stuffing, cookies, cakes and pies
Giving gifts and seeing their surprise
Staying up late, looking at the skies
Here comes Santa.

Ho ho ho, a brand new sled
Sugarplums dancing in our heads
Ho ho ho, a pair of socks?
And lots of gingerbread... (for me!)
Ho ho ho, a wind up plane
A ball, a bat, a choo-choo train
Ho ho ho, and all your friends
I love Christmas.