Season 4

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Ep # Title Original airdate Prod #
1 Let's Go To The Moon October 6, 2014 '
A screencap from Let's Go To The Moon The kids go to step on the moon and Robbie goes to the moon for peace and quiet.
2 The Last Sportscandy October 7, 2014 '
A screencap from The Last Sportscandy Robbie goes back in time to stop Johnny SportsCandyseed from planting the SportsCandy trees. Sportacus and the kids need to return Johnny to his own time to return the trees.
3 Secret Friend Day October 8, 2014 '
A screencap from Secret Friend Day When the kids play a Secret Friend game, a misunderstanding makes Trixie lose trust in Stephanie and she get's stuck out at sea. With Sportacus away to refill his water supply, will they be able to save their friendship?
4 New Kid in Town October 9, 2014 '
A screencap from New Kid in Town Pinocchio shows up in LazyTown to help Robbie lie to the kids, convincing them to eat sugar gooey lollipops, Stephanie and Sportacus are in a race against time to bring them SportsCandy and help them regain their energy.
5 Time to Learn October 10, 2014 '
A screencap from Time to Learn It's the last day of school and the kids are excited to finish the big final exam. But when Robbie needs to go to school to get himself proclaimed as the world's top villain, his cheating ways get him and Stephanie into trouble.
6 Princess Stephanie October 13, 2014 '
A screencap from Princess Stephanie Robbie discovers that to make LazyTown lazy again, he needs to get rid of Stephanie, who wants to be a real princess. So Robbie grants her wish and disallows her to leave her castle.
7 Ziggy's Talking Teddy October 14, 2014 '
A screencap from Ziggy's Talking Teddy It's almost Basketball Day in LazyTown, and Robbie disguises himself as the famous basketball player Bobby Bird to challenge Ziggy to a basketball match, and the winner gets a wish. But Ziggy can't play! Will he be able to build up his skill before the big day?
8 The Wizard of LazyTown October 15, 2014 '
A screencap from The Wizard of LazyTown When the Mayor and Stephanie go away Butterfly Watching and with Sportacus away to help them, Robbie disguises himself as a wizard and makes a potion to make the kids lazy.
9 The Baby Troll October 16, 2014 '
A screencap from The Baby Troll The kids are having a sleepover at Stephanie's and the mayor reads them a bedtime story about a troll, then Ziggy wanted to have one as a pet. So, they travel to Troll Mountain and meet a baby troll who follows them to LazyTown. Will they be able to feed her and return her home before she eats all the furniture?
10 The Fortune Teller October 17, 2014 '
A screencap from The Fortune Teller Robbie dresses up as a Fortune Teller.
11 Ghost Stoppers October 21, 2014 '
A screencap from Ghost Stoppers Robbie disguises as a ghost and the kids try to stop him.
12 Robbie's Dream Team October 22, 2014 '
A screencap from Robbie's Dream Team Robbie orders some villains over the phone to help him capture Sportacus.
13 Mystery Of The Pyramid October 23, 2014 '
A screencap from Mystery Of The Pyramid Stephanie and friends explore a Mysterious Pyramid that Robbie ordered over the phone.