Energy Book

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Energy Book
Energy Book
Almost a full energy book
Episode no. 45
Original airdate May 6, 2007 (UK)
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Magnús Scheving
Noah Zachary
Mani Svavarsson
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Jonathan Judge
Featured song(s) "We Got Energy"
Robbie's Disguise(s) The sticker vendor
Guest character(s) -
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Friends Forever Birthday Surprise
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Sportacus gives each of the children an energy book and some stickers to help them keep track of their daily habits, including exercising, brushing their teeth, and so on while Robbie attempts to distract them from using the stickers by appealing to each of their own character traits.

Plot synopsis


Sportacus receives some mail and he reads it out "Dear Sportacus, is it true you are what you eat?" "Of course it is" he says flipping over to the bench. He pulls out a flask pouring milk into it, and then throwing a banana in the air cutting it with a ping-pong bat. He then fastens the lid and begins to shake it up by kicking it in the air whilst doing flips. Once its done he opens it up and takes a drink. He then tests to see if it gave him strength by doing handstand push ups.

Main episode


Back in the lair Robbie is trying not to go asleep going against Sportacus's advice on getting bonus points for going to bed at 8:08 pm. He looks at the time and then sits there doing nothing untill he finally falls asleep putting a sticker in the book in the process. While asleep he sleep talks saying in a funny voice "Hello Sportacus."


  • In this episode Stephanie wears a slightly modified version of her usual outfit. The difference is that she has purple pants or leggings of some sort that go from her knees up. It doesnt have anything to do with the story and isn't explained.
  • When the kids are practicing to be like Sportacus the music to No One's Lazy in LazyTown is played.
  • Robbie is according to himself the first person to make a French fry sculpture of the Eiffel tower, but it is knocked down before it is completed.
  • When Stingy is trying to get stickers to put into the book, he sings some of the lyrics to his The Mine Song.
  • Trixie and Pixel don't make an appearance in this episode.