The Lazy Dance

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The Lazy Dance
The Lazy Dance
Episode no. 00 (Unofficial)
Original airdate N/A
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Raymond Le Gué
Featured song(s) "We're Dancing"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Dance instructor
Guest character(s) -
Episode chronology
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- Welcome to LazyTown
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The Lazy Dance is the first produced episode of LazyTown but was unfinished due to technical issues, therefore it has no air date.


It's Stephanie's half-birthday and to celebrate, the town holds a dance party. However, Sportacus doesn't know how to dance! Robbie Rotten disguises himself as a dance instructor and teaches Sportacus how to dance, but he teaches Sportacus silly dance moves so that he will make a fool of himself at the dance party.

Plot synopsis

Main episode

The Lazy Dance takes place on Stephanie's half-birthday, and when asked how she wants to celebrate, she says that she wants to have a dance party. So everyone gets together in town square and starts to practice their dance moves, when Sportacus shows up. He gets invited to Stephanie's half-birthday party, but when she tells him that it's a dance party, he gets really nervous because he doesn't know how to dance. He tells the kids this, but they don't believe him because he's a superhero, and there's nothing that a superhero can't do. When the kids leave, he does a little out loud exposition to himself that Robbie overhears. Then Robbie dresses up as a dance instructor who offers to teach Sportacus how to dance. But he teaches him these really, really awful dance moves so that he looks stupid at the party so everyone will lose respect for him. The song is We're Dancing. When Sportacus gets to the party, he performs the dumb dance moves, but the kids teach him some their own dance moves so that he doesn't look like a complete fool, and their innocence once again trumps Robbie's evil plans.



  • The episode is said to have "no underscore, no post-voice overs, almost no audio editing, half of the cgi isn't rendered / fully rendered, and some of the audio is out of sync." -Chris Crow
  • It is also said that the Bing Bang at the end of the episode "has no choreographed dance yet, and is played still using Shelby's voice" -Chris Crow