Jól í Latabæ

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Jól í Latabæ
Jól í Latabæ
Country / region: Iceland
Release date: 2001
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Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ Líttu inn í Latabæ
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Jól í Latabæ is a special Christmas-themed album based on the Latibær stage shows, released in 2001.

Since it does not accompany a stage production, Jól í Latabæ is set up more as a radio play, with equal parts songs and narration.

This album has thirty-two tracks - thirteen songs, thirteen narratives and six karaoke tracks.

Track listing

  1. 1st narrative
  2. "Jólin koma"
  3. 2nd narrative
  4. "Jólin, jólin"
  5. 3rd narrative
  6. "Ég segi það satt"
  7. 4th narrative
  8. "Jól eftir jól"
  9. 5th narrative
  10. "Jólin bíða eftir þér"
  11. 6th narrative
  12. "Aha, sei-sei, já-já"
  13. 7th narrative
  14. "Ég á mér ósk"
  15. 8th narrative
  16. "Gefðu mér gott í skóinn"
  17. 9th narrative
  18. "Aleinn um jólin"
  19. 10th narrative
  20. "Hafðu það sem allra best um jó"
  21. 11th narrative
  22. "Jólasyrpa"
  23. 12th narrative
  24. "Glitra ljósin"
  25. 13th narrative
  26. "Óskin um gleðileg jól"
  27. "Jólin koma" (Karaoke)
  28. "Jólin, jólin" (Karaoke)
  29. "Jól eftir jól" (Karaoke)
  30. "Gefðu mér gott í skóinn" (Karaoke)
  31. "Jólasyrpa" (Karaoke)
  32. "Glitra ljósin" (Karaoke)