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GetLazy was founded by EdisLeado in 2006 and started as a humble LazyTown-fan website. There was a lengthy downtime after being shut down due to bandwidth issues and now the site has returned as a forum featuring over 1000 members.

Night of Stupidity

On Friday, March 28th, the users Osiris, cicley, and notorious orchestrated somewhat of a raid against the forums, further condemning them after the banning of CJVercetti. The key part of this raid was that months prior to the events, Notorious and Cicley both purchased administrator rights from Xizer for $95 each. In Teamspeak the night of the raid, Cicley peer-pressured Osiris into purchasing these same rights, and he was able to weasel Xizer down to a price of $50.

Now, that conceivably could have just gone as a flash in the pan with nothing important attached to it. That night, Cicley was unable to login to the administrator control panel at the forums for whatever reason, and urged Osiris, Matt, and Dawn to help him. Osiris quickly made Dawn a moderator, giving her the permissions to duplicate, move, lock, and delete threads. Within about fifteen minutes of this, the forums were effectively pwned. Five minutes later, Xizer showed up and put an end to this, banning the four involved.

Of course, this was ultimately somewhat of a walk-out, and this meant that four of the boards' most active posters were parting ways with Get Lazy, and as aforementioned, condemning it.

It should be noted that this event caused no permanent damage to the forums, as a backup was quickly restored. The net effect of this raid resulted in a gain of $240 to go towards funding GetLazy and no permanent damage to the site. Because of this, there is no way to see it as more than a failure by all stretches of the imagination.

It is also known that the group congregated in Osiris' shiny new Teamspeak server during the raids, and played the song "Ride of the Valkyries".